Eat Out to Help Out experiences

Venue: Ka Pao
Order: a lot of stuff
Cost: £71 reduced to £41

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Venues: Pizza Pilgrim, Caravan, Moro, Morito, Breddos Tacos (x2), Look Mum No Hands, The Iskele, Central St Cafe, Officina 00, Trade

Order: anything from a mushroom burger and fries to a fine selection of tapas

Cost: the best deals were “cauliflower soup and avocado toast and a can of San Pellegrino“ for £4 and a “nibbles, dips and a three course taco feast” for £10. Shame booze was not included in the scheme.


surely in many places there’s no way to really police this from the restaurant side

like in mcdonalds, if you order your food, say you’re eating in and then leave, I doubt they’re gonna run after you and demand that you take a seat

Discounted food AND a free chair?? McDs really going the extra mile

I did this at Pret

if I’d been working out of the house I’m certain I’d have done it with Pret

Went to Almost Famous, not on meatbook so was bobbins.

Having a EOTHO coffee and bun now

There is a huuuuuuge queue for Wagamama’s next door

i might go and EOHO right now. haven’t done it previously.

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Cafe Mama Pho in Surrey Quays.

  • Squid, Summer Rolls, Spicy Beef Pho, Rare Beef Pho, Tofu Xao, 2x Che Ba Mau + 1x Lychee Juice.
  • Something like £26.

Sushi Monster around Epping Forest.

  • Prawn Tempura Roll x8 + Katsu Don.
  • £4 sutin.
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tell a lie, i EOHO’d at Tebay services northbound a couple of weeks ago

Venue: Tebay Services northbound
Order: 2x kids macaroni cheese, 1x soup, 1x steak and ale pie with chips and greens
Cost: can’t remember, about a 10 pounds I think



Didn’t get a chance. Didn’t get furlough money due to various stupid technicalities (and basically my whole industry doesn’t exist this year), so they put me on the dole instead (but didn’t ask me to apply for any jobs). £380 a month doesn’t cover any meals out, even discounted.

(It’s supposed to be £400, but they are taking £20 a month to “pay back” the first month’s money)

My dad called me a few weeks ago to describe a face mask he has for blocking out brick dust/fibres/fumes when he’s working on something he doesn’t want to breathe in, and ask me if it would be suitable to wear at Tebay. He’s never had to wear a mask because he’s had my brother doing all his shopping since March but heard about EOTHO at Tebay and thought it was too good to pass up.

He took his own knife and fork with him.


Used twice


Venue: The Square by Coffee Lab
Order: 2 x bacon, avocado and poached egg on toast, 1 x Super fruit smoothie, 1 x flat white, 1 x pain au chocolate
Cost: £14


Venue: Rawberry
Order: 2 x bagel (1 x smoked salmon and cream cheese, 1 x halloumi salad), 1 x 5 fruit smoothie, 1 x cawstons rhubarb and apple
Price: £9.48

Venue: The Blue Bear, right now
Order: chorizo breakfast burrito (@profk), OJ, macchiato
Cost: £7 down from £14

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Venue: Polish restaurant across town
Order: various combinations of beets, potatoes and sausage, covered in dill sauce
Cost: £23 + £5 tip.

It ended up being a bit of a shit show… our booking was for 6:45 and got served our entrees at 8:30. Not great when you have a 3 and 5 year old with you. They clearly booked many more people than they’re used to - nobody seemed to be getting any food. We got our drinks for free, but I tipped the beleaguered waitress American-style since it wasn’t her fault.

Just now.
PieCarumba in Southampton
2x pies with mash and peas, one pot of builders tea, two Pepsi max
It was good.

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Big fan of this.


Still not been to the one in Winch. They have something to do with Pie and Vinyl in Southsea too

Added some red velvet cake, so call it £8.50 down from £17