Eat - Sleep - Rave - Repeat

That’s not the order I’d do it in


Yeah I’d switch raving and sleeping around

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eat-sleep-repeat, rave unlikely


What he said

You should really be eating more than once per day

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That’s not necessarily the schedule for a day, could just be 9am-11am.

Post-rave kebab, then bed.

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Have to be very careful on timings as well, especially at my age. Need to leave plenty of time to digest my food before sleeping. And as for raving on a full stomach, that’s just asking for trouble


eat - wait a few hours - sleep - eat - wait a few hours - rave gently for a few minutes to ensure no digestive issues - carry on raving / go for a sit down and a nice cup of tea

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Everyone stop skipping breakfast please

Have occasionally slept before going to raves*, particularly anything where the people I want to see are on after about 5am.

*I do hate the word rave though

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Eat eat eat eat*



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swap any two of the three round and you end up with the same correct result


  • rave
  • jiu jitsu
  • beach
  • game
  • pharmacy
  • fortnite
  • gym
  • copeland
  • shoot
  • train
  • make up
  • cha cha
  • poop
  • code
  • party
  • study
  • run
  • 3d print
  • music
  • floss
  • hunt
  • ball
  • quarantine
  • lift
  • surf
  • squat
  • teach
  • taekwondo
  • morrisons
  • minecraft
  • aqos
  • beer
  • weed
  • smoke
  • drive
  • volleyball
  • trebuchet
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  • fish
  • exercise
  • self care
  • crossfit
  • craft
  • knit
  • bark
  • keep calm
  • anime
  • improv
  • other

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Shouldn’t sleep straight after eating

I dont know about raving on a full stomach tbh

Maybe cut raving and just have a nice bath

Wasn’t there a craze for “breakfast raves”* a few years back?

*just aerobics though isn’t it?

Eat sleep yeet repeat

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Eat sleep reduce reuse recycle