Eat the rich - A cannibalism thread for 2019

It is the end times. Society has collapsed and if we are to survive we must feast gloriously upon the longpig, until our brows are sweaty and our bellies full.

We will start with the fat cats, but how are we going to cook them? Thigh casserole? Bicep tartare? Tongue on toast?

This is THE place to share your cannibal recipes so we can all eat like Kings. Damn hell ass Kings

Right, ok.


Probably all about the seasoning when it comes to devouring the flesh of the wealthy

Raw while they are still alive

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Starter: Bbq ribs

Main course: Belly and potatoes baked in milk, bay and smoked paprika, with green beans, steamed broccoli

Dessert: chocolate pudding, cream

They’ve eaten well, so they’re probably pre-seasoned, much like saltmarsh cattle.

I think I’d find the bray-screams offputting tbh.

I agree, properly cooked I think the taste would be exquisite

Might order this

I mean, my diet isn’t great, so I really can’t promise that I’ll be particularly tasty.


As a vegetarian I will mainly be eating their Waitrose vegetables and fruits. Pomegranates all round!


You stay away from my Brexit cupboard.


I’m gonna get all your fancy lentils, and any esoteric Bart seasoning boxes you hold dear

I’ll be looking north of the border. If I can find me a Laird then they should be pre-marinaded in a nice malt whiskey and will probably have a nice game-y flavour from all the pheasants, grouse, deer and rabbits etc.

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I think it’s just my bay leaves that are Bart, actually.

I’m still not sharing.

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When I was a teenager (and an even more insufferable prick than I am now, IMAGINE) I bought myself the title of Laird off the internet. However, I would probably not taste good due to the years of poverty-stress, like how animals that die when they are sad taste worse. You would know this of course, as a cow

I wouldn’t eat them cause they’re all puny and gross.