Eating a microwave curry


in your open plan office

  • You thoughtless bastard
  • This is fine, enjoy!

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We’re banned from eating hot food at our desks - due to “smell”. We have to take our curry to the breakout area or up in the lift to the canteen,


only thing I’m not cool with at the desks is microwaved fish. everything else - pasties, hot pasta, curries, roast dinners - fine.


Some joyless middle-management berk at my old place decided to ban hot food at desks for that reason. The four of us were all like, “who the eff dislikes the smell of food?” and carried on regardless. We sometimes took it in turns to make a bog cottage pie or spag bol or something so we could all share it. Ah, halcyon days.




^Punk as Grint


i like the smell of food. i don’t like people eating smelly food when i’m trying to work.

not really sure why this is but there you go.


Yeah bro. Sticking it to The Man™ and Big Pasta™ with our displays of culinary sharing. Take THAT, Denise.


She didn’t even work in our office and only ever ate those awful rice cake things anyway GOD I’M GETTING SO ANGRY THINKING ABOUT THIS.