Eating Contests

Ever taken part in one?

Reckon you could do well in one? In what sort of way (volume, speed, variation)?

Have you ever been a spectator at one?

Why are they a thing?

Where are they a thing?

Are they every sponsored by brands?

What sorts of rules do they have to make sure no-one cheats?

What is the point?

You wouldn’t download a hotdog


I won a t-shirt once for eating 3 Mission Burrito burritos in 15 minutes if that counts?


Went to a place that did all you could eat wings with a company outing once, got into an informal contest with a colleague to see who could put the most away. I thought I did very well but he was a machine, I stopped before I got too uncomfortable and he still looked like his having a starter.

Went to a Man v Food restaurant once and someone in there did like a hot wing challenge, and we all watched them not be able to eat the hottest wings and have to have their photo taken with a toilet seat around their head

Honestly, it was quite fun, recommend.


Pretty distasteful, imo

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Watched a chilli eating contest at a food fair thing

It was near the end and they were eating the hottest chilis in the world apparently

It didn’t seem remotely enjoyable for anyone concerned

reckon i’d be absolutely rubbish

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reckon I’ve eaten more bagels than anyone else on earth

not at once though


The dog and owner burger eating contest from Beethoven’s 2nd. Wonderful cinema.


i was just chatting about an eating contest with my mate the other day! i went to see my mates band and i realised that the last time i saw them they were playing at a festival, in a garage, with a hotdog eating competition going on outside. turns out another pal was in the hotdog eating competition, she was up against these big punk lads and shes very much not a big punk lad. anyway she absolutely crushed them, it was great fun

If it was in the south of england between 2013-2018 the chances are my mate Bond was hosting it.

The lad on youtube who eats too much seems nice.


There’s a place here that does a thing where if you can eat a 20” pizza in ten minutes you get it for free and get a £50 voucher. I’ve never tried it but I’m a little tempted, reckon it’s the only one I could do.

I think they are really wasteful and bad.


Someone sent me Beard Meats Food and I refused to watch because he called himself Beard

Spoiling cos gross

The hot dog eating contest where they are dipping the buns in water to go make them go down easier :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face::nauseated_face:


her prize was another hot dog

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Yes, me and two friends tried to eat 100 McNuggets

One tapped out at 25, the other 40, I made it to 63 1/2.

I was convinced I could do it, and it wasn’t the fullness that made me stop, it was the taste fatigue. They were sooo disgusting by the end and all the sauces too.

Had nuggets for lunch the very next day.