Eating / Drinking - Best & Worst settings

Eating whilst walking down the street - wrong and unpleasant
Drinking in the sun - just the best
Eating whilst having a bath - really not sure about this

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Drinking while taking a pee - weird sensations


Disgusting, obviously


Pointless, obviously

What would you think, if at a concert, instead of having a sip of water in between songs/jokes, the performer had a handful of crisps instead?


Shower cans: great stuff my homie :+1:
Shower kebab: ooh that’s a soggy pitta :-1:


Drinking on transport (that you are not operating!) - Truly Excellent
Eating on transport (that you are not operating!) - OK
Eating at another office you’re visiting - Bad

Saw Neil Young at Hyde Park a few years ago and he was doing this with nuts and raisins.

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Can of Lilt in the bath


@NeilYoung sure loves a mouthful of nuts

But… oh no!


Eating alone, at home: perfect
Eating in a group, at a restaurant: no

love eating in a group. can’t remember last time i had a chance, even pre pandemic. possibly 2017

When you’re at home on your own do you sit to the table to eat your main meal or go for the lap/cushion option while watching telly?

What if the chef, the waiters and the other guests would come to your house?

I’d move house to avoid that

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During one of the relaxations last year, went for a meal outdoor that was set up in an essentially a Restaurant car park (Rotunda) just off the Clyde and it was so windy was just blowing everything off tables, was a nightmare… And thats the best meal I’ve had out in a year (probably not really)

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On the sofa, e-sports on the telly

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Eating food when you need a wee is a top 5 unpleasant feeling for me

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Waspy picnic- the worst