Eating food at the wrong time of year


What’s wrong with eating a Christmas pudding right now?

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Don’t like Christmas pudding so it’s always wrong


Not a fan of ‘summer’ foods really cause I don’t like salad or that and I’d rather have a cottage pie or something whatever the weather.


I fucking love a good salad.


We’ve still got a pack of lebkuchen in the cupboard waiting to be eaten.


Yeah, fucking hate this. Gf tries to switch up the menu to have “summer foods”, and not for seasonal produce/food miles reasons or anything.

“Ooooh it’s far too hot for a hot meal tonight, what shall we have?”

Is it fuck, I’m making vindaloo and you can put yours in the fridge for a bit first if you like.


You know how spring rolls are a food that exist as are summer rolls? What about autumn and winter rolls, hey? HEY?


I make them for Mrs F and they look nice, all colourful etc, and I like leaves and rocket a bit, just fucking hate cucumber and raw tomato and the texture of it.


isn’t it bad cos then vegetables get shipped from further away when they’re not seasonal


Autumn pie

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there’s definitely a temperature cutoff for soup


wouldn’t want to ruin cob season for myself by having a sweetcorn this early

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The bigger question here is how you’ve had the restraint.

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I think it’s really funny to have soup or stew on a very hot and sunny day


Also reverb


what about ice cream in winter?


not as funny but I’d give a wry smile to it


once again, an incredibly considered answer.

have a very good day


You too, friend x

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Ice cream in winters better cause they don’t melt so much.