Eating food in a shop before you've bought it



End of a bit of french stick
Couple of grapes


Anything else you bunch of degenerates.




Never done this, but I have managed to eat a whole pack of jaffa cake bars in the time it took me to walk from the checkout to the exit.


What, not even a sneaky chug from the bottle of vodka to tide you over on the way to the checkout?!


Nope nope nope.


Open a few cheeky tins of sweetcorn as you waltz down the aisles, do you?



Saw an empty pack of sandwiches in the tinned veg aisle of ASDA yesterday. Double crime of scoffing a pack of sarnies on your way round the supermarket and then not paying for them. This country.


Never eaten anything but will often crack a bottle of water.



I am a massive fan of this. My bf isn’t and therefore doesn’t let me.
I’ll usually wanna crack open a packet of crisps before we’ve got to the till.


I did this once in my youth. My Dad said it was okay so that’s my excuse :smiley:


seems like a really sketchy thing to do tbh, don’t think i could trust anyone who did





It’s gonna be mine
who cares


when i worked in asda i massively judged anyone who gave me an open wrapper (or worse an empty wrapper) to scan. “just scan that and pop it in the bin will you, hes already eaten it already what is he like ahhahahahaa” go and play in traffic


Just doesn’t cross my mind whatsoever


Not classy

Although I do have a tendency to bite the end off my French stick while I wheel my trolley to the car


Banned act

  • Obviously not
  • I’m a complete savage

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