Eating food in a shop before you've bought it


you must have nothing left!


One of the indicators of a massive deviant, and someone who lacks any restraint or moral fibre.


this is fair enough but also I just do not like it


I’ll be honest, I think this is probably okay if you have the packet to pay for it. I have considered it for my daughter before when she has been very hungry, etc. HOWEVER, this means you can’t use self-service due to the weight issues so it’s not something I have actually done.


If cheap sitcoms have taught me anything, it’s that this attitude will only lead to a highly unlikely and convoluted series of events that will end with you not paying for this and/or possibly ending up in trouble with the police.

(They’ve also taught me that you will miraculously get out of any lasting effects within the allotted 22-30 minutes.)


I don’t do it - I saw a woman digging into samosas or something from the deli counter in Sainsburys yesterday - not cool

When the kids were little the ability to crack open a mini box of raisins from a multi pack was an essential tool in getting round the shop with minimal drama though.


Our Tesco provide free pieces of fruit for kids if they want to eat something while they are shopping with parents.


How will it though?
I’ve done this probably at least 100 times in my life time (like I mentioned in the other thread, my mum used to open the bakery cookies every time we would go do the big shop which would be about once a week).
Nothing ever happens. You scan the packet as normal.
The only problem is the self service checkouts. If you’ve drank half a drink, it won’t recognize it as the same weight it should be.


If you’re eating things that need to be weighed at the checkout, that’s theft.
If you’re eating things that have a set price, you’re probably not breaking the law but I’m still not happy about it.


I also have fond memories of hollowing out the innards of a french bread stick whilst my Mum pushed me about in the trolley in Safeway.

Anyway, I don’t do this anymore but I don’t care if other people do it, at all, even when I worked in a supermarket. I was once told off by my cousin for daring to take a coffee to drink whilst I wandered around Tesco… What the actual fuck!?! Apparently it’s a rude thing to do… !!!


I think you’ve taken a frivolous post about the ridiculous world of world of sitcoms literally, sorry.


Can’t believe that people do this. It’s half an hour walking round a shop. If you need rations to get through that just take a snack you’ve already purchased to the shop with you


I remember we had this debate on the old boards. Can’t remember the actual outcome, but I’m sure it was terrible.


I’ve been agreeing with you more and more these days @aggpass


:o is that last para true??

this has genuinely freaked me out. gonna go sainos later this afternoon and try it


Which bit? The bit I already mentioned up there where obviously you’re FUCKED at self-service because of the weight thing? Or the fact you can scan the empty packet, which has been true forever?


My grandad used to have a real problem with this. People eating and drinking in the streets - always said that no-one did this in the past and the roads werent full of starving and dessicated people. I’m in full agreement with him, imagine not being able to stop yourself eating for an hour.

Find it particularly obnoxious on a bus or trains when people whip open some pre-made food. You’re on a mode of transport for about 2 hours, there is absolutely zero need to eat - show some restraint


What if your train journey falls within a typical lunch/dinner time?


inb4 someone says 'ooh boohooo snowflakes care about me stealing from a giant corporation :cry:


Still a firm no.