Eating insects, then



I have eaten these dried insect things before. Wasn’t enjoyable and can’t imagine anyone being like ooh fancy a bag of those crickets unless they’re a try hard

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Or a bearded lizard.


I would have issue with eating prawns with their exoskeleton still on too, btw.

Didn’t ask m8

have you always been a vegetarian (like, since you started posting on here)?

Reckon stuff like this is fine as long as they’re crispy/crunchy and plenty of salt/seasoning on them.

Big bag of em with a beer would be a treat I reckon.

Depends how much they cost vs a bag of scratchings though…

I’m all for it. All meat is pretty grim really so I don’t see why eating a bluebottle is any different. Might write the first insect cookbook. And call it… mosqueato or eat, pray, larvae

My local sells insects as a bar snack. I have yet to try them, but they can’t be worse than banana and ketchup I suppose.


yeah, why not

can imagine they’d be more successful if they mashed them up into burgers or nuggets or something though

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Nah just for a year

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not that i’m suggesting that you should eat wasps, but wasps are not friends

^is secretly a wasp


Yeah, I’ll eat them. I think part of the issue we have in the west is we’ve neither latched on to any particularly enticing way to present insects as food beyond the gimmicky (scorpion lolipops etc) nor have we quelled the incessant need to push the eating of insects as a whole ‘disgust’ factor via reality TV tripe like I’m A Celebrity gross-out tasks. It’ll be a slow adoption case even without the stigma simply because the vast majority of bugs simply don’t look appetising in the same way a grilled steak does, or even a bowl of prawns. Seasoning’s always going to be key, but I’m thinking curry would likely be an ideal way to help make insects appeal as a dish.

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they could probably do an effective campaign where they make silly men believe that eating bugs makes them brave and manly

no. tried some once at a festival though and it was just kind of boring and crunchy. makes me cringe a bit that some (white western) people are so pumped up by the idea of eating insects

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I have eaten grasshoppers or something from a tin before. They were fine.

They were baked beans.

No, I’ve eaten baked beans as well. I know what I’m talking about here.

Had some chocolate coated crickets, was totally fine. Would try the flavoured ones too, and would like to get some plain ones if i could - good in a stir fry apparently? Doubt they’ll be cost effective anytime soon though