Eating over your computer/laptop


what do we think, me and Mr S have very differing views - me no worries if you sit back a bit, him GET AWAY FROM THE MAC WITH YOUR BUTTERY TOAST

time for a poll?

  • I am happy to eat over my work computer
  • I am happy to eat over my personal computer
  • No food must come near any of my precious devices
  • Fine if it’s something non greasy / crumby
  • Not bothered either way
  • Something else

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I believe this is something that @Antpocalypsenow is STRONGLY against.


forgot to make it not anonymous

hope these non eating people come and say why


This is a misleading remark


Weird, I’d heard this as well. In fact, it’s the first way I describe you to people.


Natural progression from using a radiator as a coaster, shirley?


i have a two tier system

nice shiny macbook for music production: get the fuck away from it and don’t even put your drink anywhere near it

old windows laptop that i use for pretty much everything else: as long you don’t literally pour a beer over it, do what you need to


My work keyboard is full of crumbs. Peering in there now actually. Looks rank tbqh.


Really? You say “I know this guy on the internet who hates eating near his keyboard!?” that’s SO weird!


There is something quite satisfying about tapping out the keyboard on the desk every now and then and seeing all of the detritus that has accumulated fall out. When I used to have an ‘old style’ ball mouse, cleaning that was even better


Please don’t be so critical of the cards life has dealt me


No. What did I just write was the first thing I say to describe you? “He’s from the internet”?? NO

I say “I know this guy who hates eating near his keyboard. He’s from the internet.”



My keyboards are a mess! Both here and at work. Although I use external keyboards. I don’t care, though, fuck it.

Of course if I’d spent ££££s on a Mac rather than a PC I would probably care.


Don’t eat over my own laptop but not too bothered about work laptop (though in my old job the cleaners wouldn’t do it so I would have to clean it myself)


It’s my work computer. Who gives a shit! I don’t own it and I need to look at the pane of shame whilst i’m having my sarnie.


Depends what “over” means. I always make sure my plate is an inch or two away from my keyboard.

I’d never hold food over the device.


I have a keyboard cover just for this