Eating while standing up, walking, etc

Let’s talk about eating while not being seated.

I eat standing up in the kitchen quite a lot. Not a great habit tbh. I reckon I very rarely enjoy the thing I’m eating and it’s never something I need to be eating.

Eating a hot dog at a summer fayre, that’s another one.

Sandwich while walking down the street, do that sometimes, don’t like it.

I’m going to try to sit while I’m eating as much as possible from now on.


Pasty is the ultimate walking food, obviously. Best pasty is an Ivor Dewdney from the van on the walk between the pub and Home Park. Big fan of that kinda thing.


I prefer not to do this, but I prefer it more when I feel like I’m not being judged when I do this


Really useful sometimes to eat and walk at the same time when you have a fixed amount of time in which to eat and change location. A bit annoying if you’re with people who are against the idea but i’m a chill guy so I don’t let it get to me.

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Having a few chips from the corner of the packet on the way home from the chippy


Always get a saveloy for the walk/drive home.

ooh yeah. i like a slice of pizza on the way home too

Oi oi

Reckon a scallop is the ideal walk home from the chippy snack.

Nibbling away at poppadoms while sat at the traffic lights is also good.

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I think crisps are a better walking food.
a pasty is convenient to eat while walking but I’d rather sit and enjoy it. or squat at least.

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What kind of millionaire’s chippy sells scallops?


Usually munch on (breakfast) toast in the morning while walking round the house. More of a time management thing, I could sit down, but I’ll only start looking at twitter / here / email and I’ll lose 20 mins of my morning before heading out.

Can’t think of anything else I’d eat (except crisps) while walking sober

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Yeah not a bad shout. Crisps are quite a clumsy food to eat though, very hard to look cool while eating a bag of crisps at the best of times, let alone while walking.

Potato scallop, surely

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Oh is this one of those local things?

It’s a slice of potato, battered and fried.

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Something ensconced in pastry. GVSR and Samosa the best options

Never heard of it and now I want one.

Nah you get scallops in Yorkshire too

70s films make eating whilst walking look really appealing - hot dog on the go n NYC? Yes please?

In reality eating anything whilst walking is utterly digusting


Used to call these smacks where I grew up though I also knew them as scallops.

Used to be 5 or 10p so was a a great snack when I was a kid, have posted this before but I used to go for a 10p smack then for pudding I’d ask the ice cream man for any broken wafers he had for free. Lovely beige budget diet.

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