Eating with a partner in a restaurant

Ideal seating layout:

  • Opposite each other
  • Next to each other
  • Adjacent to each other (like, at a right angle)

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Depends how wide the table is I guess

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I’m very elbowy when eat, need as much space around me as possible. Plus there’s always a chance I’ll want to discard my cutlery and just eat straight from the plate like it’s a trough.

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I searched for “couple eating at long table” and got this

  • I enjoy going up to the till to pay
  • I always make my partner go to the till to pay

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NB this is only about the physical act of paying for a meal, not who is paying for it

is this just the 2 of you, or are there other diners in our party?

why am I asking, i’m pure CWBAFT

Here in London we pay at the table (eventually)


usually sit opposite but then we miss eachother so one moves next to the other

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more restaurants should operate a Nandos style pay as you order system IMO

Eat your food and get the fuck out as soon as you are ready


Actually prefer the adjacent thing. More intimate

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Wahaca is better cause then you just pay via an app and get up and leave

Why would you sit next to each other, what? opposite, mate, or the right angle thing…


I’ve only ever eaten there in a group/ splitting the bill type situation. Does the app work for that?

To watch Sky News on the screen opposite your table.


also more convenient if we want to e.g. share a milkshake


think he meant how you sit with your partner now, not your partner when you were 12


Opposite so my wife can gaze into my beautiful face.


Early on in a relationship / first date, what’s the deal these days re paying for a meal?

  • Is there still an expectation that the man pays?
  • Is there an expectation that he ‘offers’, there is a little counter-play, and he ends up paying?
  • Is it expected that he ‘offers’ and then the bill is split?
  • Is it standard that the bill is split?

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