Eats audit 13/9/18

bowl of greek yogurt, blackberries, raspberries, granola
biscuits (about 6)
leftover portion of tuna pasta bake, broccoli, sweetcorn
packet of wheat crunchies

Bowl o’ Aldi Granola
Fake philly & fake ham bagel
Fake crunch corner
2 x small squares of lake district fudge

Full cooked breakfast


2x poached eggs on 2 x slices of thick sliced Hovis grannary toast with butter and cholula on top

Saino’s Classic Tripple sandwhich (BLT/ Prawn Mayo/ Egg and Cress (shit that’s a lot of eggs isn;t it)

Going to have a fruit corner in a mo

Roasted veg cous cous
Couple flafs

this is making me hungry again

although it sounds like you buttered your eggs, which is a bit mad

that would be a bit mad - I buttered the toast only, but the hot sauce went on the eggs and the toast

English muffin with marmite.
Moma bircher pot.
Blue cheese gratin with roast chicken and bacon bits on top.
Mars ice cream to celebrate the fact that it’s definitely still summer.

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  • An apricot and yoghurt oat bar thing
  • Hoisin duck roll

Bran flakes and sultanas
Graze box snack (cheesy cashews, pumpkin seeds and crackers)
Fried egg sandwich (2 X egg, 1 X slice of bread)
Chocolate and peanut protein bar

museli + yoghurt
some sort of salad box featuring: roasted chickpeas, pasta salad, pickled… something, greek salad, them big juicy olives, buckwheat… and more!

Bowl of Coco Pops
Small pork pie
3x jacket potato with tuna, cheese, sriracha and mayo (Brian Harvey Special)
Double choc chip cookie.

Chicken, bacon, sweetcorn pasta salad x 1
Ciabatta roll and brie portion x 2