Ebay Etiquette (WWYD)

Thought this could be a fun one for a Thursday afternoon. So I recently sold a console on Ebay didn’t really need it and it was just sitting there collecting dust. Someone bid on it, won the bid, I sent them an invoice and then forgot about it for a few days. Recently I noticed they still hadn’t paid for it so I opened an unpaid item case since I figured they probably weren’t going to pay for it and I needed to open up a case to reclaim the fees.

Almost as soon as I opened up the case they sent me an email apologizing saying that their partner bid on the item for their child and they no longer need it. This is a bit of a pain as because I opened up the unpaid item dispute I can’t cancel their order without saying they paid for it, meaning I’d have to pay the fees myself.

Alternatively if I wait four days I can claim the fees back but they also receive a black mark against their user name for 12 months which seems a bit harsh.


  • Close the case say they paid and pay the fees yourself, also stop being such a Tory
  • Leave the case open, they receive a black mark for 12 months and continue to pledge allegiance to Hayek
  • TL’DR

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How much are the fees?

10% of the value of the item so in this case about £25 (the console was a Nintendo Switch)

I was going to be condescending and tell you to suck it up and pay it, but actually - fuck 'em, that’s not pennies. Make them pay it.


I was going to offer them the option of paying the fees instead but then it felt properly scrooge like shaking down a family for the fees, where as they’ll probably barely notice the black mark unless they’ve not paid for loads of stuff over the last few months.

Wash your hands of these eBay amateurs. They knew the risks.

Or they didn’t, but still - fuck 'em.

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All they get is an unpaid item strike which unless you have a couple to your account and a seller has specifically restricted bidders with strikes from buying their products, won’t count for jack

eBay is surprisingly buyer-biased

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‘my partner bid on it for my child’

boohoo, bollocks mate. have an unpaid item strike up yer ars


Yeah this is basically why I figured this would weigh less heavily on my conscience than asking them to pay for the fees unless they’ve not paid for loads of stuff.

eBay / PayPal will repay the fee, I don’t think you’d even have any luck getting them to cough up £25 in this scenario, and it’s clearly also a phony excuse (i think ‘my partner / child / senile parent bid using my account’ is alibi number one on eBay), so they deserve the very minor hassle of having an unpaid strike

someone called me a douche on a 2nd hand clothing site last week!
because i hadn’t marked an item as received, was my first time using it and didn’t realise you had to do that for them to receive the payment.
I explained that and apologised gracefully and they probably felt really guilty, 1-0 shrewbie


Ah it could well have been their partner, what was slightly confusing was their reason for cancelling was because they wanted a package with games included.

I’m not sure why they couldn’t just buy the console and then buy some games :expressionless:

They sound like idiots. Tell them it’s £35 now.


As @nav mentioned they probably won’t actually ask to pay the fees anyway. So all they’ll get is a black mark which is probably not going to affect them that much since presumably most of the time they actually pay for the stuff they buy.

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yeah this. either:

this is the first time and they’re being honest: Mark won’t mean much against them


they do this all the time in which case fuck 'em


Another switch bites the dust!

Wait isn’t there a middle ground - can’t you ask them to pay you 25 quid and then close the case? Everyone wins.

It’s £70 now m6.


I mean I could, and if they message me back saying “Hey mate sorry about the hassle can we just pay the fees and have you close the case rather than get a black mark against our name”. I’d do that instead

But, it somehow seems more “fair” not to ask them for the money upfront.