eBay Finds (rolling thread)

Thought it might be nice to have a rolling thread where we post things we’ve found on ebay

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I once bought a Marshall 8x10 off eBay for £129 delivered when they cost about £800 new. It looked beat up and smelled like a rehearsal studio, but worked beautifully.

But I was 17, none of us drove and this thing was 5 ft tall and weighed about as much as (17 year old) me, so it ended up being used as part of the world’s most OTT practice amp.

Sold it two years later for £350 to the guy who played bass in Funeral For A Friend before they were Funeral For A Friend.


Bought an A4 Risograph machine off ebay for £100 (+£50 from a van courier). Currently sitting in the corner unused sadly. Will have to wait until I return to the UK.

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Did you ever waste your paypal money on some total crap @Sketches ?

If you buy the Egg Master, I am not eating any of the “food” it produces.

I lugged a Marshall Superbass and Orange 4x12 around gigs when I was 19-20 playing tiny pubs. That cab weighs more than a planet.

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Bought quite a bit of our furniture on ebay. If you’re willing to spend a bit of time and elbow grease restoring it, you can get what are regarded as classic pieces for hardly any money. Look outside London for mid-century stuff (sellers and buyers seem to have no idea how valuable it is), and in London for new furniture being sold off cheap as people move into different flats all the time.

(or rather, people inside London overvalue the older pieces)

sorry guys this isn’t a things you’ve bought on ebay thread
it’s a funny stuff on ebay thread
should have clarified


Really? Gav Burrough or the guy before him?

God, this was a very long time ago. Dunno. That name isn’t ringing any bells though, so maybe one earlier?

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Nothing funny about that Claudia Winkleman cross-stitch.

In fact, I may put a bid in myself.