EBM / Industrial Techno / whatever


Nice little primer on some resurrections of that classic late-80s/early-90s sound.

Just been bumping the Multiple Man album and it’s bloomin’ brilliant. Got that Front 242 / Front Line Assembly aesthetic, but with 2017 production values.

What’s worth checking out in this vein from recent years? Never felt that the recent Skinny Puppy releases were a patch on their earlier work.


You heard the new Contort Yourself compilation?


I have not, but I am enjoying the discordant feel of the video you posted


This looks good. I’ll pass it on to a good friend of mine. All my knowledge of industrial comes from him. It’s easy to spot him at gigs, he’s dressed in beige taking a break from an internal auditors conference. He has strong opinions on the scene. That only real men listen to FLA/F242/SkinnyPuppy. NIN is fine if you are a bedwetter. Suspicious of fake fans who discover the harder stuff via The Prodigy and NIN. However, Depeche Mode as a gateway band is acceptable.


it’s weird how so little of the mentality of that scene has changed since the early/mid-90s. Nice to see the Skinny Puppy and FLA sides have since reconciled at least…



This was basically what one of the Skinny Puppy fellas themselves said, right? I mean, I fucking love NIN. They just kinda stopped being EBM not long after Pretty Hate Machine really.

Also love the idea of PROPER MEN listening to something like Felines thinking they’re really hardcore.


Yeah, this masculinity stuff can be complicated. Though the rules are simple for him. If he likes it, then it’s macho. If not, it’s effete.


Love it. Especially the borderline cheesy stuff (Cubanate, baby — Cubanate!).

Never really managed to track down anything recent and decent. Some stuff that has hints of EBM/Darkwave — some bits of The KVB, maybe Factory Floor, or The Soft Moon (cold wave?) — but nothing like F242 or FLA.

Enjoying this Schwefelgelb album from the bandcamp playlist, though. Thanks! Looking forward to making my way through the whole list.


it’s good!


I think the closest I’ve come to this kind of thing is D.A.F. and Pyrolator. not quite full on techno, yet, but getting there? curious about the 80s stuff, definitely.


Always loved Snog.


DAF are amazing