Ecce Homo Monkey Christ #artweek

Any terrible art around your way? There’s some bits of graffiti I’m going to take photos of when I remember, but the thread title honours the ultimate example of this genre:

This fine example is just over the road from me:

Several people criticised the piece, asking if Bruno had suffered a stroke.

This statue of Oscar Wilde round the corner from my office is pretty bad imo

It looks like the Tory Spad from The Thick Of It


Looks like he’s desperately trying to pretend he’s paying attention while at that stage of drunkenness where you’re just hopelessly falling asleep

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Look, they’re black and white AND they’re friends! We can all get along!

So so bland. This is in Newbury, where there was an American air force base holding nukes during the Cold War, where the Greenham Peace Camp was based, and where there were major protests about the building of a bypass. There are lots of things to build monuments or artworks about… and they chose this.

If Newbury was a spice, it would be flour.


Let’s not forget that infamous Ronaldo sculpture too (looks like it’s been replaced now)

Looks like the argument has stopped but he’s trying to goad me into a fight by slyly calling me a wanker behind everyone else’s back so I look the bad guy if I kick off

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Is that Paul scholes?

I’ve just spotted that this other bit of, erm, interesting artwork also near me is by the same artist as the footballer I posted earlier on

Does that look like Norman Cook to you?

Newcastle went through a phase of commissioning terrible pieces of public art, many of which ended up falling apart or being ripped out just a few years later. Examples include

Shoulder To Shoulder by Haymarket metro:

And the Blue Carpet by Thomas Heatherwick

Always thought this statue at St.Pancras was awful. It’s also just a style of statue that seems to have become prevalent - the material, or method or something is just so bland, very Ed Sheeran of sculpture.


I think that’s harsh on Ed Sheeran. I’d say they were the Jack Vettriano of sculpture

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ah spot on

Not quite public art, but this reminds me of the Swedish lion. A Swedish king in the 18th C was gifted a lion - when it died it was stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist who had never seen a lion before, with this result…


Sadly not there anymore, this famous footballer could be found at Fulham’s Craven Cottage stadium



A statue to rival Brussels’ “Manneken Pis”:

Tommi Toija - Bad Bad Boy (2014) can be found in Helsinki

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…terry wogan!?