"Echo Chambers" (Thursday evening)

Have you noticed how people use this and ‘bubble’ to mean not giving credence and time to views you don’t agree with when in fact it’s meant to refer to not even believing such views exist in any significant way?

Anyway, this can be the Thursday evening who gives a shit thread if you like?


An evening thread? This early? FFS Theo!


Mate it was only moker you can’t take it to heart.


off to tennis in a bit.

Getting upset that I’m still not thin and that I’m getting old.

Goddamn it!

yeah i thought it was about how social media algorithms show us views we agree with, leading us to think that they’re the views of the average person not just the average person we’re connected to on facebook

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Rolling this topic into an evening thread is a bold move

this has done me (probably one for sysadmin/tech geeks only)


I’m in stitches.

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i laughed.

at home already :sunglasses: gonna watch some northern exposure and have a chilled evening. gonna eat some kinda tofu and aubergine thing in a bit. aw yiss.

Amusingly the model number the network admin guy has given actually corresponds to a switch, can’t help but think he’s just trolling.

tyler the creator’s new album is pretty interesting.

Classic John!


I have found a decent pub in Edinburgh!

anybody would think that billy has lost the plot!

would like to see what the offers are. £2000!!!1

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Does he honestly reckon anyone would pay that much for one of his guitars?

Went to a remote pebble beach and left a little arrangement for someone to stumble across in the future.


This the evening fred? Cool.

Just went over the Co-Op to buy the essentials, and grabbed a £1 bag of Haribo Starmix for cycling on Sunday.

It’s now just sat in my racebag TAUNTING me.

This is a huge battle of willpower. Could fucking demolish it right now tbh.