Echoes of the Past

My wife just forwarded me an email I sent ten years ago (20.05.2008). Any ideas?

Don’t forget to set up a tape – counting doggy on at 7.30.

Those mushy peas are repeating on me a bit already.

Today is the shadow of tomorrow
Today is the present future of yesterday


Would have watched this around that time but it was on at 7!

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maybe you were shooting some home-made stuff?


was it the early morning countdown repeat


Counting Doggy is what Breaking Bad was called in its first season then they changed the name for the second season and put the new credits into subsequent airings of the first season.

Sometimes I search on Flickr for photos taken at gigs I went to years ago, to see if I can spot myself in the crowd


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Bit top shelf

“doggy” sometimes refers to a sex position.

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I watched a documentary about Brick Lane a few years ago. In the footage I saw myself and a now long gone ex-boyfriend walking down the street together.