Eclipse thread (rolling)


People are going out of their minds for this eclipse in the states. People planning holidays for years, driving across the country, 100,000 people descending on tiny towns. Any of our US-based posters have any special plans?

Did we have a total eclipse in the UK back about, 18 years ago or so? I remember going out into the street to watch something with the neighbours, don’t know if it was a total eclipse or not.

Any other eclipse chat?


The UK had an eclipse in August 1999, though I think it was only total in Cornwall or something


Can remember it was about 95% up north


Yeah. The BBC coverage was helmed by Patrick Moore live from St Michael’s Mount.

I was in the midlands at the time and it was still pretty rad.


“Ooh don’t look at it directly”

Fuck off, nerds. The whole point is that the sun goes away for a bit, it’s totally fucking fine to look at it.

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That must be what I’m thinking of, I was in south wales and it was alright, fairly cloudy though? I made one of those pinhole camera things with a mirror and a box and could watch it on there.


Yeah, we were on holiday in the west country at the time. It was too cloudy to really see anything.

It must be amazing if you get somewhere with good weather though.


In 2026 there’ll be a 90% eclipse in London.

The next total eclipse in the mainland UK isn’t until 2090 apparently


I was Brittany for the 1999 eclipse. Good weather. Pulled into an aire for lunch along with most of France. Not a single car past by for 20 mins or so.


Banned act


Going to see it, we’re over here on holiday and it didn’t involve going too far out of our way so it seemed churlish not to. So far my eclipse day has involved getting up at 4am and driving to Mcminnville, Oregon. Was expecting throngs of traffic but it’s deserted atm, not entirely sure what to do for the next 4 hours.


Post on DiS.


I did a project about the eclipse in year 5, more than 2 years before it happened and I had the exact date and everything and nothing was more satisfying than when it actually happened on that date, I was so excited about it :sweat_smile: also you weren’t supposed to look but I did anyway and from London (think the black spot was in cornwall) you could see a sliver of burning sun, it was great


Apparently, if the sun it not behind clouds, you should be able to see a partial eclipse from London at around 8pm.


you were supposed to use a pin hole and project it onto a piece of paper.

so basically you were looking at something that looked like a thumbnail clipping. Fuck that I just looked at it and it never did me any harm. Though my eyes went funny for a bit.


2% partial


We had a mini-eclipse about 3 years ago didn’t we?

I remember driving around Northampton in the van when it happened.

Can’t really remember the ‘proper’ one because I was 9.


Definitely worth standing outside for.


Might watch one of the latest releases at the local cineplex