Eclipse thread (rolling)

Apparently some of the US megestores will be affected.

A total eclipse of Walmart


Someone made a film all about it! Check it out!

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A common opinion in Portland was that they didn’t need glasses as they were only in the 99% coverage area.

one of my co-workers took a week off work to see the eclipse in America. thought it was a bit of a weird excuse at the time.

Greetings from Wyoming. I am ready.

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Just over 3 hours to go. The plan is to go up a mountain and see the shadow of the moon approaching through the valley. Clear blue skies so looking good.

Speaking to the locals, a apoc-eclipse so far hasn’t really happened. There was some trouble at the airport when they run out of landing slots and a bunch of private jets had to be diverted to landing strips hundreds of miles away. Taxis will charge by the hour instead of by the mile, in case of gridlock. But a barman on Saturday said that it was quieter than a normal Saturday evening, and up to last night the roads were empty.

Highlight of the day will be at 2 PM though when Pinky and the Floyd, Montana’s premier Pink Floyd tribute band, will play Dark Side Of The Moon on the village common.

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Those glasses look totally legit and safe.

Durable AND High Definition. This is a once in a lifetime thing , you don’t want to be watching it in standard def.

this is the second in my lifetime! you’re being ripped off, definition-wise

Here’s a tip for all of you who want to save time and money but still get the full experience of the eclipse go out at 3am in the morning but change your watch time to a day time hour to make the illusion complete.



pretty bad timing that

Pretty good so far lads. An American has brought binoculars.

The cosmic ballet goes on.


Home from work, preparing for the 2% partial eclipse.

And then …

I see a darkness.


I looked through a cereal box with a hole poked in it. Only got about 55% coverage here, but in 2024 we should get the whole 100% :smiley:

Pinky and the floyd??? as well as pink floyd they must do something related to pinky and the brain too?