Eclipse vs flat earth


how do those imboseals on team flat earth reconcile an eclipse? Is there an awesome convoluted way of that happening? please show gifs


There’s a thing called The Shadow Object orbiting the sun that causes them. Obviously.


I feel like this could have been rolled into the general eclipse thread.


He’s one of them. GET HIM, FLATISTS!


i wouldn’t sully it


A geocentric solar system doesn’t preclude an eclipse, though.

Or do most flat earthers believe in a heliocentric system?


I’ve just read something that says the reason NASA say you’re not supposed to look directly at the eclipse happening is to stop you seeing the truth about the earth being flat and I’m in pieces at my desk.


the latter, sadly


You’re such a sheeple xylo, of course an eclipse is possible, maybe free your mind from illuminati conspiracies and see the truth:


oh fuck yeah. this is the shit i love. who spent time making this :smiley:


there’s no such thing as a flat earther though. Absolutely nobody genuinely believes it. It’s like on DiS when someone claims the Blue Album is worse than Pinkerton, or Future of the Left arent awful, it’s just done for attention and you’re all falling for it


Shaq O Neil m8

and he might know, he went into space




Its the Lizard People again


Wait, Flat Earthers believe the world is a disc like that? I think I just took it for granted they thought it was an oblong.


nope. disc. it’s brilliant


They think the outside is marshalled by Nasa.



But were you running directly forwards, or constantly turning left?

Feels like you’d know.


Someone needs to introduce them to ‘spherical’ as a term and how it differs from ‘round’.