“Ecology: the science that exists at the crossroads of geography and biology”

  • Marilyn Monroe

What better subject to segue is between last week’s organised fun of #geographyweek and this week’s organised fun of #biologyweek!

Any thoughts on ecology? What’s your favourite ecosystem? Temperate forests for me, Clive (though all the forests really, trees and all of the creatures and fungi and etc that come with them are endlessly cool and fascinating)


I found my AS level certificates last week. I got a U in Biology. Promptly dropped out after receiving those results (Biology - U, History - D, Geography - E, Chemistry - U. Helps if you actually attend classes I suppose). No idea why I took it tbh, didn’t interest me at the time. That’s my biology story.

Any way. Ecology is cool as fuck

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I actually associate the word with D&D because in the old days Dragon Magazine used to do articles called ‘The Ecology of the …’ and concentrate on a given monster to give DMs and players a good sense of how they worked.

At least you had the excuse of not attending classes. My first run at A-Levels was Physics - E (later regraded to a D after some routine checks), Mathematics - E, Chemistry - U.

Now I’m not saying I worked hard. It was more a case of being completely at sea. GCSEs were so completely different, so ‘easy’ to pass without doing much revision, that I just sort of drowned quietly. I had no one to ask for help and no idea who to ask for help really.

(I retook them in a year and got B in Maths and C in Physics and Manchester Uni took me in as no fucker did Physics so they were desperate!)

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What ecosystems do you find especially cool, rich?

I’d guess the Antarctic must rate highly? Tundra too?

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I see what you are doing.

Antarctic is really cool though, absence of plants makes it really unique

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Coral Reefs probably


The Mongolian Grasslands are pretty amazing. Unlike anywhere else on Earth, just a huge expense of green

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Roger E Moore was the not-quite-pseudonym he used for D&D texts. Al la Iain M Banks.

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raises one eyebrow sardonically

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If I may be allowed to be pedantic, what you are describing here as types of ecosystem - eg tundra, savanna, tropical rainforest, etc, etc - is in fact a biome…

Look, I did really shit at A level geography too and it was a long time ago. Biomes are just collections of ecosystems, right?

Wherever I lay my hat, that’s biome


I work in a lab that studies ecology using genetics. Way back when I was at college I just thought ecology was studying food chains and counting animal numbers but it’s way way more than that.

Lot of problems with things like cryptic species that happen to look exactly the same

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That is really interesting and makes this thread worthwhile, thank you

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Would go there

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Just realised didn’t say my favourite ecosystem did I? I’ll go with cave ecosystems

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