Ed O'Brien signature Strat


I’d like to see it in person to check it out. Fat chance though, they’re all sold out and Squier won’t be doing another run.

I do like the alternative colours they made Gary’s bass in though. It’s a shame they’re not available to the public.


I’m sort of with @ericthefourth to be honest.

For one thing I don’t even associate Ed with ugly guitars like strats, he’s a Rickenbacker man in my view, particularly if you’re thinking of him being a guitarist like in the early days.

Infinite sustain could probably be added for way less to a cheap but very playable guitar and then you have your own sound/guitar.


the guitar seems surprisingly cheap, £949 is half the price than the Johnny Marr jaguar, and the sustainer system is worth about £200 in itself


It’s made in Mexico, as opposed to the Marr Jag which is made in America.


it still seem surprisingly reasonable to me, if fender brought out a sustainer guitar without the artist endorsement I would expect it to be more than that even if its MIM


You make a very good point there. Would have expected it to be around the £1200 range.


almost as if the Ed O’Brien endorsement lowers its value


those Cribs mustangesque ones look great, kind of like Belinda Butchers MBV mustangs with the Jazzmaster trem, should be a standard model


the Johnny Marr Jaguar and Squier J Mascis Jazzmaster are both really popular models in their own right cos of their quality and features differentiating them from the standard models rather than the name on them and you see lots of people using them regardless of whether they’re fans or not. this one is the same, it’s more about the sustainer and different pickups than Ed’s name being on it.


yeah this one doesn’t even have his signature on the headstock like the Marr one


Way cheaper than I’d expect. Not sure how much an Epiphobe Lesotho Paul is these days? That was always my ceiling on guitar expenditure.


Fully done


it’s been playing Strats for years m8

(this one had sustain pickups as well, i wonder how different it was to the new one)

even here:


lol imagine worrying about whether people were worried about your choice of guitar tho


lol no u are more irked than i


And so on!

Serious though if I was going to buy a fender right now it’d have to be the Jim Adkins because they discontinued the guitar it’s based on (TC90) and that’s the one I want


Like why deny yourself the build and tone you want coz of what’s on the headstock…


I mean i bought the same guitar as robert fripp, but would would i buy a robert fripp signature model? Hell naw.


people always talk about him not getting to play guitar anymore or not doing anything cos he mainly just does backing vocals in a couple of songs and tambourine in one song or whatever, i always think he’s got far more to do now than he used to. when they were using 3 guitars on every song it could be hard to pick him out, he’d often be playing whatever Yorke was playing or the most basic rhythm bits. nowadays he’s often the only guitarist and has really come to the fore imo. his textures all over AMSP are beautiful and some of his effects stuff like the end of Idioteque are brilliant. unless we’re coming from the “it’s not really playing guitar if it’s all pedals/doesn’t sound like a guitar” angle


Coz it’s penoid as fuck