Ed O'Brien signature Strat


Ah right. But buying a fender coz it’s got the best marketing is edgy? Struggling with this


u wot


Everything on headstocks is about perceived image and brand over the substance of the guitar. Not sure how a signed one is more penoid than buying a fender because it’s a fender over multiple superior options. Same with LPs and so on


what if Robert Fripp’s guitar had great pickups and features that the standard model didn’t have?

i don’t own any signature guitars but like i said upthread these days they’re not really “here, play the exact same guitar as the guy you like with his name on the headstock!” and more about them getting artists to collaborate on interesting new models. i love my Squier Jag but have seen a lot of people praise Marr’s model for ‘fixing’ the things they didn’t like about the Jag like the pickup selectors, rhythm circuit, bridge etc.

i’m with @xylo in that does just seem a bit @needlessly_defensive and teenage to just outright go “lol no, lame”


Thing is though is that it is massively lame.


this one’s not even signed!

and the Mascis one is only signed on the back of the headstock


What’s amazing is I had “clinked” instead of ceiling and saw and corrected that.

Fucking phone.


Just let go, man.


Whose signature model ya got?


yeah that’s the Tom De Longe one, though i’m sure i’ve seen others too. feels a bit limited to me though. should be cheaper if it’s that all there is to it, otherwise you’re paying through the nose for one tone essentially (even though the bridge with the tone near full is mainly what i use, it’s nice to have other options. i tend to roll the tone slightly off full on my Tele so it’s nice and trebly without being TOO tinny)


None :slight_smile:

If I had mucho cash I’d get Corgan’s and Adkins’s

But I played and reviewed hundreds of guitars over my career, met/interviewed the players and the luthiers. Anyone into any guitar gear is a penoid, basically.


Not what I meant: few people will be new Ed in a band. If you’re starting a band like that you’re almost certainly beyond caring about signature editions IMO. You might buy for the infinite sustain but you might well buy another guitar for that.

To me if you’re being a guitarist in a band you’re probably into being in a band more like Bends days.



I only actually have one electric at the mo - ibanez with swapped out pickups. I really want a second for single coil tones but can’t afford. :frowning:


the Adkins one looks pretty sweet. my friend has one although he’s had loads of problems with it and given up on it, but i think he’s been unlucky with the one he got rather than it being a problem with them in general.


Buy cheap. If you’re playing guitar right it’ll be so distorted any imperfections won’t show up :wink:


Corgan strat or the new one? I see he is selling his stuff, I want the we only come out at night auto harp so much https://reverb.com/uk/news/billy-corgan-artist-shop-preview


Hah. Hence me selling off my little collection, buying a cheap ibanez and chucking in some super distortions with a slick low setup. It shreds, and as you say I’ll never play it clean enough for people to think otherwise :smiley:


Oh shit didn’t see this

And the strat - played one a while ago and it felt good going heavy. And obv a strat so almost impossible not feel comfy


The original black dove TC-90 I tried sounded insanely good despite feedback woes

But fender basically phone in their out-of-box setup. First thing to do with a new fender is take it to get a setup


i’m not sure infinite sustain guitars are particularly widely available though. Fernandes do their own infinite sustain guitars but looking on their website i’m not really keen on any of their models, so the other option is buying the sustainer kit and pickups and modding the fuck out of your existing guitar. or you could just buy an E-bow like me, but these ones look pretty cool in that you’re much less restricted with what you can do than with an E-bow.

i feel that like Eric you’re missing what signature guitars are about these days. these might often prefer to mod guitars themselves, but if not, they could find this model quite useful.