Ed O'Brien signature Strat


@xylo I worked on the marketing team for fender for 9 years and the first electric I bought was the Jim Adkins tele, the transparent black one. Mine’s a prototype tho, has block inlays and the f-hole is slightly bigger and a little closer to the base, also no signature. It’s a sweet guitar for sure. Not sure they have any other neck-through teles in the pipeline, or any others w p90s.

I was able to work on the branding for quite a few of the artist models that came out during my time there (my favorite project was the Cobain Jag) and one thing we ALWAYS tried to push the artist to avoid was signatures on the front of the headstock. Next best thing was sig on the back headstock but we always tried to sell them on putting it on the neck plate, as this is something that could easily be swapped out if the customer really didnt want the band/artist affiliation.

The Marr Jag was/is so popular cos it fixed just about everything wrong with a Jaguar. Loads of people buy that that dont know who Marr or the Smiths are.


i’d partially agree with that, I am glad it has made the staytrem bridge and tremolo available, I guess the pickup selector thing is easier to use, but the upper horn is confusing, would have preferred that to stay as it was. Plus I don’t like that the pickups are not reverse wound reverse polarity, presumably that means there is no humless middle position available, seems to address a non-existent issue that Johnny Marr thinks he can hear the magnets pulling in different directions


just making sure this gets posted:


That American Professional Jaguar does everything that the Marr does apart from the bare knuckle pickups.


oh nice, havent checked out the am pro series yet.


those adkins man. the original tcs were in even better colours too <33333


I’m a sucker for matching headcaps.


this is a few years old now but it’s good


Yup, same with the Mascis JM.

Plus Marr has only been using Jags from like Modest Mouse onwards so it’s not necessarily suited to Smiths fanboys


these are suuuuper ugly guitars!


the blonde one is nice not really a fan of the burst. different strokes n all.


The Mascis one was like how can someone get their hands on an inexpensive fender that looks a little different and isnt one of the standard five colors that every other model comes in.


Think f holes look terrible and crass on all guitars.


even gretsch?


I could get over it there but still.


Anyway why does ed need a signature guitar? he barely plays anything on it



Yeah only joking, but really it’s pretty minimal and so many effects the tone of the guitar probably doesn’t really matter much.


interesting. big fan, myself.


Isn’t that just a standard Custom from the 70s?