Ed O'Brien signature Strat


Nope. Customs had a Wide Range Humbucker at the neck, rather than the PAF-style seen there. They also had a volume and tone control for each pickup and a pickup selector located on the pickguard itself.


My stepdad’s has a narrower humbucker but you’re right it probably has more switches.


Modding Teles to have a neck humbucker was a common enough practice in the seventies. Keith Richards’ Micawber for example:

Fender didn’t issue a variant like that until the 2000s.


Some really terrific work from @ericthefourth ITT


That $99 epiphone looks great. My dad plays guitar so know a few chords. Might pick one up with some kind of headphone effects box (recommendations?) for my birthday.





I’ve got one of these

Which I plug into my laptop to practice or record. Works brilliant for both.

Garageband has loads of built in amp presets which actually sound quite good.


looks good to me, are there any latency issues? Also the annoying thing about having an iPhone 7 is that I don’t have a jack port on my phone now.

Oh just looked online, looks like you can get a version with a headphone out built in.


Yeah I think there is one with a straight out. No latency issues for me, works a lot better than I though it would to be honest. Use it for guitar and bass, works a treat.

Not sure if this’ll work as it’s Facebook but here’s a video of bass going through it I did (it’s music from Sonic 3, so clearly great):


1500 pounds? Get bent!


Limited edition of 10 though

Worth a fortune in 100 years time


You can probably make 1500 into a fortune more quickly though


I’ve just realised that technically I play a signature bass. Whoops.


I’ve got a Marr signature Jag. Don’t really like the Smiths at all, but it’s a beautiful guitar and the range of tones you can wrangle from it is pretty remarkable.

If pressed on it I would prefer it didn’t have the signature on the headstock, but clearly it didn’t bother me enough to put me off buying it.