Ed O'Brien solo album



coming this summer!



if wonder if he’s actually good at guitar/singing and stuff


Think he’s definitely good at both those things, but the question is his actual songwriting ability. I expect like Phil he’s picked things up via osmosis. I love Ed so fingers crossed it’s more than just a nod to Atease memes


In for a treat


He is my favourite of all the radio heads


I expect it will be fairly pleasant but pretty slight.


Is he the bald one?


You’re thinking of Dara O’Briain


I believe that’s one of the Segway brothers


Doubt I’ll be up for this. Haven’t even heard Atoms for Peace as my mate had that band name 10 years earlier. Outrageous.


Atoms for Peace is quite rubbish, just Thom’s laptop beats turned into a band.

Quietly optimistic that Ed has a few choons in him.


I really like The Eraser, though. I mean it’s simple but it still has the “pop hooks”.


Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is really good as well. Definitely a grower and given the time/context it was written in given his personal situation it’s an emotional listen


Hope he sings “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED” on all the songs


Why change the formula of a lifetime?




Imagine if it was just OK Computer except with all the lyrics replaced with “Ed is the best”


I’ve still never listened to Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, which is a fact I keep surprising myself with. Probably cause I was waiting for the CD release that was only recently raised as a possibility, I believe.


Pretty sure it’s getting full release next month. You’re in for a

…n album featuring one fifth of the popular rock band, Radiohead.


mmmm i think i need this