Eddie Van Halen RIP

Damn. I fucking love Van Halen.


Fuck!! Rest in power!

Oh man :frowning_face: 65 is too young

Such a ridiculous talent, used to watch this vid on repeat as a teen



Damn. Just joined this forum today and this is the first thing. Since it wasn’t being reported anywhere I normally check these things I went to Van Halen Ness Desk thinking no way, someone having a joke. And fuck, there it is. What a player. .

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Came in to post this exact video. :metal:

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Oh man, I am gutted. RIP

Used to try tapping on my guitar as a teenager inspired by listening to Eruption a couple of times… sounded like a fruit machine but I thought I was cool.

Should’ve stuck a lit cigarette in the headstock to really make it work.


Also, @Epimer might like this



He probably was the greatest guitarist of his era. Obviously people like Malmsteen and Vai ploughed a similar furrow but for sheer energy and inventiveness and expression he was one of a kind, and so influential to all the rock and metal that followed. Up there with Hendrix? Maybe.

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The debut album is just brilliant. I don’t think he got the respect he deserved because of all the shite hair metal bands that tried and failed abysmally to copy VH.

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A ridiculously talented musician. That first Van Halen album is one of the most perfect albums ever made.


This is proper shit news. Its a Van Halen day tomorrow

absolute banger. RIP


They’re one of those bands that my dad was always listening to when I was a kid so from about the age of seven I loved Van Halen. To a kid in rainy Rochdale they just seemed otherworldly.

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A monster in his field. Rest in peace Eddie.

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I remember finding a 1985 Van Halen calendar at a music stall on Rochdale market and pestering my mum to let me buy it. The bloke running the stall let me have it because a) Dave Lee Roth had already left. And b) it was August.


People sometimes ask me what the first song I remember hearing was. It’s still this. It’s always this. It will always be this.

My parents told me about some time in my formative years that I heard this song on the radio, and started jumping on my parents bed. Apparently I jumped off so violently and hit my eye socket on the corner of my mum’s dressing table, that I had to be taken to hospital


Used to have a tape with the first two albums, one on each side, copied off a schoolmate’s older brother’s record collection. Listened to it way too much.

Very sad news indeed.


the frankenstrat was fucking cool eh


Eruption seemed amazing to me back in the day. Very sad news