Eddy Current Suppression Ring are back!

Best music ‘reunion’ news ever!

First single

Album next month

  • …in pog form!
  • …to blow your mind once again

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Great news. Hope they tour!

THE Eddy Current Suppression Ring?!


I don’t think I’m ready for this Eddy

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Ooh Primavera please. Would be perfect!

Have they ever played in Europe? Seem to hate touring, but a few pay cheques might tempt them

Reckon the Current should be nationalised.
Tired of a small group or ‘ring’ of Elites suppressing the current.
Set it free!

Found this pretty cool MaximumRocknRoll interview with them from way back when;

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New album is out, and it’s great!

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It’s very good!

Hot take: One of the best rock bands of the past 15 years.


Just getting into these and also Total control. Don’t know how I’ve missed these guys all this time! Great bands


Becoming a bit obsessed with this lot. Spotify has been recommending them to me for ages now so I finally gave them a listen the other year.

Just have a real charm to them. The lead singer isn’t a particularly strong vocalist and some of the lyrics are kind of clunky, but that guitar sound! Reminds me slightly of Graham Coxon

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