Edie Mercredi Thread (Balamory, Weds)


Balls to today.


Happy birthday to Michael Douglas, Will Smith and Jodie Kidd! Hope they all have a great day!

I am pretty tired and my football team got pasted 6-0 in the title deciding game last night (I had a shocker in goal) so I could be better. But in better news, the person on my team who causes us all a tonne of grief is likely to take a job in another team! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Set off at half 6 this morning. It is very dark at half 6.


I’m off to Milton Keynes for work. Gonna have to phone for a taxi from the station on the company account. Anxiety. :grimacing:

Other than that I will mainly be crunching numbers to prepare for telling you all what the best albums of this century are tomorrow.

Hello. I have already been up for 3.5 hrs and am now in Bergen. Looking forward to lunch break and then hotel nap time later :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Got to go to Hertfordshire for a meeting. The CBA is strong.

Need to perk myself up with some magic talking coffee.


Mornin. On the train to Paris for a workshop/conference thing. Got about 3 hours of dreadful sleep so it’s going to be a shit show :partying_face:

Details on your itinerary please?

Can someone remind me to buy a lottery ticket? Sick of this shit.


I had sleep paralysis last night, which is always zesty and fun.

Oh man, the absolute worst.

  • go to Euston
  • get my ticket
  • find some breakfast
  • get a train
  • call a taxi
  • go to the office in said taxi
  • meetings
  • call a taxi
  • go to Milton Keynes central in said taxi
  • get a train
  • home

not 100%, but I may be back at MK Central round about half 3 and I’ve got an anytime return.

Okay! Drop me a text when you’re headed back to MKC and I’ll come and meet you.

Although if you happen to be on the 08:49 LNW train I’ll see you on it.

Will put a private appointment in my work calendar.

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My ticket’s good for Virgin trains only I think.

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Giant pile of human poo in St Peter’s Square


One and two peters square are bland but I think you’re being a bit harsh


Great work!

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Day two of cat minding here. The kitten has discovered she has claws and Lola spectacularly misjudged a jump earlier and clattered herself so it’s fun and games.

Going to try and beat ‘Ace Combat 7’ while also catching up on a music backlog.

A colleague just pointed out that I was about to do something VERY stupid.

So one of my workmates who reports to me is leaving at the end of the week.

I had to sort a leaving gift.

On a weekend away a lot of people played the board game Secret Hitler during the day and had a great time.

I bought him Secret Hitler as his gift.

However this week, we have a large number of Jewish people from Israel visiting the office who will also be at his leaving presentation.

It hadn’t dawned on me until this morning the implications of this all, my workmate unwrapping his gift of Secret Hitler from the company in front of everyone. The whole Hitler bit just didn’t register in my head as I’ve played the game a few times myself and it’s a lot of fun.

Now I have to find a replacement official gift today and then give him the gift on the down low as a secret Secret Hitler.


Morn he_2 and all

I really, absolutely must do something with my day after I drop R off and pick up the new hoover, but I just want to spend the whole day in bed and this is probably what I will do. I mean the logical thing would be to do the vacuuming, but… yeah…