Edinburgh DiSsers

Good restaurants for casual dining near the Royal Mile?

Depends what end of the mile - Wings, Civerinos, @pizza, El Cartel, Howies, Mariachi, Cafe Anduluz

David Bann’s for great veggie stuff, Salt Horse for wanker beers but with very good burgers etc. too

Up at Civerino’s end if you have any more suggestions for around this area?

Burger places?

Byron’s is decent enough

Oh wait there’s a Bread Meats Bread, definitely there. Or Holyrood 9A is just 5 mins away

That Canadian place oppose the giraffes is very good.


Bubba Q on the high street is pretty damn good.

Not even really sure of Edinburgh geography but Shabeen do very good South African (steaks and other grilled meats).

Salt horse usually does burgery stuff

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Best poutine in Scotland, according to a local Canadian


It’s all close

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Theres a mother inda not far of if you get stuck.

Mosque kitchen is supposed to be decent but never been. And theres a veggie indian up that road past mosqyye kitchen

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Wor Lass raves about it every time we drive past but I also have never been.

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This was the winner. Good pizza, nice enough pasta. Feel like I’ve eaten a lifetime’s worth of fennel though.


Can’t believe I didn’t get an invite smh

Is that down the hatch? Had a great breakfast there.


That’s the one!

Beef dip sandwich and haggis poutine. :drooling_face:

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Need plans for a stag do in Edinburgh

As in not just drinking non stop. Asking for a friend (genuinely).