Edinburgh Festival 2017

Come one, come all! Let’s discuss all things Edinburgh Festival related. Such as …

What tickets have you bought?
Free things that aren’t terrible.
DRINK i.e. best pubs to avoid all the festival wankers (our favourite pub always get’s an influx of ukulele players this time of year :nauseated_face: )
Been handed your 100th flyer already? ready to go full on berserker? Come have a rant.

To get you all in the mood here’s a picture of a guy on a unicycle, wearing a pink tutu and a shower cap, holding some knives on the Royal Mile :smiley: Classic.


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Don’t think I’ve ever been to anything despite having been in Edinburgh during festival time - and it’s less than an hour on the train. It’s just unbearably busy and full of pushy peppy students.

This year we’re going to something based on a Christopher Brookmyre novel because my wife’s a big fan. Fingers crossed but I’ve not got my hopes up.

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Asides from going around punching tourists at bus stops, I’ll be partaking in :

James Acaster’s “Represent”. He’s doing his last three Fringe shows on alternating days, haven’t seen any of them yet, so job’s a good 'un.

A Joke at the Space on Niddry Street - “an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a joke…”. Got to admit, I’m only going along because I’m a big Doctor Who nerd and Sylvester McCoy’s in it, so my 11-year-old self would like to shake the man’s hand.

Probably going to cram some more stuff between now and the end of August.

Now, here comes the shameless promotion bit : you should go and see my mate Paul “Silky” White (he’s been a rollerskating extra in Hollyoaks, dontcha know) - of course, I’m biased, but he’s really good and has done well out of the Fringe over the last few years. He’s at the Stand 4 at 1:15 every afternoon - https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/paul-silky-white-s-food-fight

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@shinymcshine Fingers crossed! I’m sure it’ll be fantastic :slight_smile:

I never really make that much of an effort either apart from various comedy shows. This year I only have tickets so far for Richard Herring next week. I went to a few excellent ones last year, I really need to find out who they were!!

My friend is suggesting some silent disco Edinburgh walk thing… she says it’s meant to be amazing but I gotta be honest… I’m really not that enthused :grimacing:

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Here’s a wee trailer for his recent Live At Leeds show (Roger Daltrey not in attendance).

Both Magnetic Fields nights and Krapp’s Last Tape on the Saturday afternoon.

Should probably try to book a hotel or something.

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Having moved job and moved house, I no longer have to walk to or from work via the tourist-filled cesspit that is the Cowgate/Grassmarket/Royal Mile this year. I guess this should make me slightly more tolerant of festival wankers, but I still can’t be arsed. I’ll probably catch a few things at the Book Festival though - The free Unbound things in the evening usually throw up some good stuff.


Very tempted to try and see Rose Matafeo’s show on the 28th. Would have to travel from Glasgow on the day after the DiS Meat so don’t know how possible that is.

Only booked Foil Arms and Hog and David O’Doherty so far. Might try catch James Acaster as well, he’s always great. Not got much else, looking forward to some recommendations!

It is very possible! You can get a train or a bus and it takes pretty much just under an hour to get here!

More specifically … you can get a train from Queen Street Station or a bus from Buchanan Bus Station :smiley:

Oops, I meant on the 27th! The one problem is that my flight home is from Glasgow at half-eight in the morning on the 28th. How navigable would that be I wonder?

Ah okay, so the 27th is a Sunday…

The trains appear to be every half an hour on a Sunday… Erm, and I think this the train that goes via Falkirk High is the best option, some trains stop at different places and therefore take longer but this one takes around 52ish minutes. The last train back to Glasgow on a Sunday from Edinburgh Waverley is 23:30.

I have NO idea how to get to the glasgow airport, I haven’t been there since I was a child, I would suggest going back to Glasgow on the Sunday if you’re flying early on the Monday morning. @lo-pan @japes @anyoneelse?? #helpkallgeese

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Glasgow airpot bus goes from George Square, right outside Queen Street station. If you’re going to shows late on the Sunday, it might be worth getting a bus back to Glasgow rather than a train, they run later @Kallgeese

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Thanks cutthelights, I was getting stressed I was going to send Kallgeese to the moon by accident :grimacing:


Thanks to you and @cutthelights ! This is going to take a bit of figuring out but I think I can do it! If I’m not dead after the Meat of course.

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There are late trains during the festival until half past midnight but they don’t stop at any stations in between, not even Haymarket.

First bus back from Edinburgh to Glasgow on a Monday morning is at 05:15. The it’s twenty-five minutes on another bus to the airport. Absolutely no problem making an 08:30 flight from Glasgow with that bad boy.

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So glad I live and work in Leith and can easily avoid anything to do with town for the entire month of August.

As a resident, I have a love/hate relationship with the Fringe (whereas a lot of other locals probably just hate). The first week or so is enjoyable but then it’s all just too much - way too many annoying posh drama students in wacky outfits handing out flyers. If I had a pound for every time I heard someone shout “free Fringe comedy” whilst trying to stuff a leaflet in my hand, I’d be an extremely rich man…

…having said all that, I have a few Book Festival events coming up (the more serene side of the Fringe), together with some stand-up (Robin Ince, Barry Crimmins, Paul Foot and Simon Amstell off the top of my head). Also Lift To Experience are playing at Summerhall which should be a cracker of a gig.

Not going this year but if I was I’d definitely be seeing Andy Daly: