Edinburgh for a stag do

Got to organise a stag do for the end of May and the groom wants to go Edinburgh. It’s not a lairy lads lads lads like stag do though - there’s a mix of people age wise and it’s more family orientated- there’s a handful of mid 30 lads and also the groom’s dad, uncle, father in law etc.

Anyone got any recommendations of what to do? Looking for some pubs or bars which are quite unique/individual and maybe places where there are activities going on at the same time. Something a bit like Roxys maybe but ideally something a bit new/different


My brother had his stag do in Edinburgh because the flights were cheap but then they booked no activities to do so it was just solid drinking the whole time and everyone complained about how expensive the bars were. It was very much a lads lads lads stag do though. Also one of the days was we were followed around by the coldest wind I’ve ever experienced.

I’m sure this was a great help.


suppose this counts as an activity


Any appetite for an escape room? There’s a few good ones in Edinburgh. Also the whisky experience is not bad for a touristy type thing.

I’m useless for bars mind

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@escutcheon’s suggestion is good - I thought Johnnie Walker World was interesting.


couple of pints and some vidya at NQ64 although it can get a bit rowdy in there

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i went on a stag in edinburgh a couple of years ago, we did the whiskey experience thing, that was really nice. there was a nice bar we went to that i can’t remember the name of. there was an element of ladsladslads too tho so we also ate in wetherspoons a lot and went to a strip club, so yeah. balance

Strange name for an escape room

yeah we spent a lot of our time in Wetherspoons or Irish bars, and in the end my brother (the stag) got dragged off to a strip club, at which point me and my other brother decided to go off for a pint somewhere by ourselves

This is true, and the rooftop bar afterwards is excellent - had a very drunken dis meet there, with an Old Fashioned with an Lagavulin ice cream float!


stressing me out already this haha but thanks for the ideas! unfortunately I think the groom hates whiskey… will try get that info out of him

Good, as you’ll be drinking whisky


I’ll be drinking Tenants!

Starship Troopers GIF

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FUCK i put whisky in my post first and then changed it!

You’re in Manchester, you do things differently


i spell it whisk(e)y

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I’ve also done a stag do in Edinburgh and we also did the whisky experience.

The airbnb we were in had about a hundred of the free whisky glasses in the kitchen.

We were there during the fringe so saw a show by some stand up, can’t remember who he was, which shows you how average it was.

We also did a highland games type thing which was reasonably good fun, and as part of the same thing we did quad biking. Think it was probably here: https://www.madmaxadventures.com/

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Had a great moment on a stag do in Bristol where for some reason we were queuing for a casino at like 10 or something pathetic and one of the guys who actually lived there said “why are we going here ffs, I know loads of great places in Bristol” and we slinked off and ticked off a couple of superb boozers while the rest of the group went to the casino and then a strip club. Had completely burned my bridges with a lot of the group but felt so smug the next day when I heard what we’d “missed”

Tekkers - for some helpful advice, I’d be trying to do a bit of research into biggish pubs/bars where you’ll be ok as a group of guys even if you’re not ladsladslads. Doesn’t have to be Spoons level, maybe in Leeds terms which I think you’ll understand stuff like Crowd of Favours, Lamb and Flag, Nation of Shopkeepers type thing. Doesn’t have to be a meticulously organised crawl, but good to have some options of where you’ll be ok without getting turned away.

Also from a stag do I went on last year, if you can book a group meal in advance in somewhere that can work well. Could be a bar/somewhere serving booze, could not be, but either way it gives a bit of focus and something to build around that drinking doesn’t.


These last two paragraphs are very good advice - I was in Leeds for my stag and we hadn’t planned ahead got turned away from quite a few bars for being an all-male group of non-threatening boys.