Edinburgh Fringe 2018

So I might be going this year, working out the details. Not putting on a show or anything, but would be interested in some opening spots, stuff like that.

Anyone got any tips, specifically for comedy (watching & performing)? Only been to Ediburg twice before and went to the castle both times, though I don’t think this info helps.

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When I went with some friends in 2013, we only had a fairly limited amount of time there and ended up walking into whatever random Free Fringe stuff happened to take our fancy when we walked past. Really enjoyed every single one (I assume we had supernatural good luck on our side).

I might lurk around looking at comedy performance tips bc I’ve been thinking about subjecting open mic audiences to my terrible sense of humour

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we went in 2009, with a number of former DiSers. On one night I fell asleep during a show at one of the larger venues then on the night before I was meant to drive back, i got so drunk at a pop punk night, I was still smashed the next evening, so had to stay an extra day. I don’t think this info helps.

Not so much the fringe, but it does help me learn about captainricebox

You don’t have to wait for the fringe to do an open mic spot. There are tons of them all over the place all of the time.

I’m going to start researching some that are within driving distance but where there’s no chance of anyone I know suddenly appearing

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“Everybody laughed when I said I was going to become a comedian. It gave me a bit of a complex actually. The show is cancelled”

“You should always leave the audience wanting more. So understand that your disappointment is a deliberate act of genius on my part.”

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Tips: stay with a mate - don’t try and book accommodation.

One of my friends is involved in the Architecture Fringe up there http://architecturefringe.com/ and also Hidden Door Hidden Door, and both look excellent, although the dates wouldn’t work if you’re going for the main festival period.

My brother in law used to live in Edunborg, and this would have been perfect, but he’s selfishly moved out of Scotland since then and I don’t think I know anyone who lives there anymore. :\

Maaaaan it’s too early to be talking about the fringe. Let me enjoy the peaceful summer first plz

Fancy a few days at the Fringe this year too. I’m half thinking of looking at Air BnB now to see if anyone’s being reasonable and renting out the cupboard under their stairs for less than £200 a night.

Otherwise it’s a 3 hour drive from the far North for me.

In terms of performing, the free fringe is definitely where it’s at, but a lot of slots are probably booked up now. There will be loads of pop-up open mic slots too though I’d guess.

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But i want to smugly judge the tourists as a superior local :frowning:

You can unmute it again when you’re ready to scoff

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the couple of times i’ve been have been some of the best holidays i’ve had. we usually go at the very beginning when there’s bogof show - the downside of this obviously being that reviews of decent free stuff haven’t come out yet, but there’s normally a small trickle, even at the beginning. we’ve always gone by word-of-mouth recommendations, and what other comedians have recommended. seems to work for us. often smaller shows which have had a bit of hype can be difficult to get into so there’s a bit of queuing and planning involved.

i would imagine you’ve missed the boat now on reasonably-priced accommodation, so good luck with that :confused:

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You are correct, applications are still open though, so put my extravaganza of a show in there on the wild offchance that something comes of it.


don’t have much to offer in terms of advice or a place to stay, but I will definitely come see your show if you put one on


have been 3 times and always really enjoy it, haven’t been since 2014 due to various other things happening but hoping to get a weekend over again this year. i will also come and see you if you’re doing something while i’m there

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programme’s out soon innit