Edinburgh Fringe 2018



David O’Doherty is always great


yeah absolutely. there are trains every 15-30 mins up until 11:30pm, then there are buses every hour throughout the night


Not confirmed yet but I’d imagine Scotrail will do a couple of late trains again (12 and 12:30 last year). Can’t imagine their the most pleasant of journeys though. :neutral_face:


I’m going to see Tim Key and Kieran Hodgson (I can see this chap being as big as Steve Coogan one day) and I usually end up going along to Ben Target too. Otherwise I usually just take a total chance on random free events.

Managed to get a half-decent rate on AirBnB for a nice room in Leith too.


Planning on going 3rd weekend but not had a proper look at the guide, yet. Are the crowds really mental? My tolerance for such things aren’t what they used to be.


Come to the meat if the dates suit too!


We’re going from Sunday 19th til Wednesday 22nd. Weekends can be good for random late night shows in places, but it’s very, very busy as actual Edinburghers go out there so I try to leave them to it.

Crowdwise otherwise, keep away from the pedestrianised part of the Royal Mile and the bit that joins it to the art galleries on Princes Street.


Let me know where and when and might very well turn up :slight_smile:


Got three spots booked so far.

Also got tickets booked for Tim Key (20/08 23:15) & Dylan Moran (22/08 19:30) so far.

Friday Evening Thread

Did anyone manage to get Daniel Kitson tickets?


Yeah, for the final Thursday show. The Ed Fringe site crapped out on me but the Stand’s ticket site, after refusing to load for ages, just suddenly sprung into life and worked without an issue.


Saw him doing a work in progress last night. Was great, as always.


Had he actually written the show he was WIPising?

I went to one in battersea last autumn, one of his theatre pieces, and he’d written about five pages of the script. Took him about ten minutes to go through them, the other eighty minutes was just chat :grinning:


Totally - about an hour on the train/ bus and the last ones are about midnight.


David Kay
Fern Brady
Lewis Schafer


Got an offer of a ten minute slot performing to 3-7 year olds. Feel like it’s a bad idea, but simultaneously, could be a good car crash. :thinking:


You should probably try performing to people who don’t post here too though.


Saw the Sheeps preview show this week. It’s good. Go to it.


I’m going! 17-20 August. The guide is really intimidating, argh.


There’s some good looking stuff on here http://www.theskinny.co.uk/festivals/edinburgh-festivals/comedy-theatre-music-art-books-top-picks

Of DiS note is Anna Meredith performing her new album a bunch of times. She’s also doing a one-off of Varmints for the International Festival.

Would also recommend Foxdog Studios - have been to a bunch of their past shows and they’re a lot of fun. Although those were all late night when quite boozed, not sure how I feel about them being on at lunchtime…