Edinburgh Fringe is back, baby!

Feel like i’ve seen threads on this in the past? Anyways, if anyone has any recommendations for things to see then post them in here

Thinking of going to see Patti Harrison as I thought she was very funny in Shrill and a bunch of other stuff I like

Also going to see A Little Life at international fest and then a load of film festival stuff

Going to be a busy month!


Stewart Lee’s main show is the only Fringe thing I have lined up yet, given there’s also EIFF, book fest etc to juggle

Then this ofc


Edinburgh Bangs, as the Americans call it


Oh and this too, think there’s a handful of tickets left

Good one, I’d been meaning to start a thread on this! I’m up for a few days (17th-19th) and booked a bunch of tickets at the weekend:

Lauren Pattison
David O’Doherty
Stewart Lee
Jessica Fostekew
Elf Lyons
Gigless (Catherine Bohart/Helen Bauer’s night)
Rosy Carrick’s new show Musclebound (theatre, she did one a few years ago about time travel that was brilliant)
Alexandra Haddow (Free Fringe)
Sooz Kempner (Free Fringe)

Not seeing Catherine Bohart or Kiri Pritchard-Mclean cos I caught their own tours but I would do if I hadn’t.

Definitely looking for some more recommendations! I might see Rob Auton and Helen Bauer but equally can catch them here on their regular tours in a few months.

Really annoyed at the lack of a Half Price Hut this year, still got a lot of time to fill and I was planning on using that for a lot of it.


Oh also Next Up Comedy are streaming loads of shows this year for anyone who isn’t going

It’s £30 for a year, which is basically silly cheap.

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around for a drink?

also Cate Le Bon 17th, Lucy Dacus 18th, Arab Strap 19th - if you didn’t know

Should be - will WhatsApp you!

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I recommend checking out Lara Ricote, she’s fantastic



My old housemate is acting in this. I’ve not seen it yet, but the reviews of it have been great.

Interviews, press recommendations etc in here:


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whaaaa I didn’t know there was music involved

Doubt I’ll make it down this year (moving house in two weeks time) but I would recommend going to see Colin Hoult as Anna Mann - it’s always hilarious.

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It’s not part of the Fringe but the International Festival has a programme of (lol/sigh) “contemporary music” that usually draws in good stuff.

+other venues carry on as usual, particularly Summerhall.


been a few of the shows in the last couple of weeks, favourites were…
at swim two birds- caitriona dowden and nate kitch
eleanor tiernan
sara barron

wasn’t keen on jacob hawley’s show about how he’s getting more right wing, without mentioning how beneficial an angle this can be for his career like geoff norcott. students support the rail strikers because they “haven’t got anywhere to be” is it, thinking the disruption is fault of striking workers.

it’s the busiest month in Edinburgh gig history as far as I remember!

Summerhall, Liquid Room, EIF as GT said, all doing good things this month

also Connect festival on the last weekend of the month

I tend to avoid stuff like this tbh…I don’t like crowds and Edinburgh is crowded on any given day

£20 with a widely available promo code!

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We’re off for four and a bit days. It’s so expensive that we go for a short time and meticulously squeeze in as many shows as can. 27 in total on this occasion, and our time there crosses the 2 for 1 days as well.

We got 2 days planned for it and likely head to see Deerhoof too, who are playing the 28th, just not bought tickets for that one yet. Also still looking to see if I can replace Ian Lynam and Glenn Moore, as i found that 15:00-17:00 spot a tricky one to find anything I fancied; I’ll keep checking people’s suggestions here hoping to find something that works.

Aug Mon 15

  • 13:20 - Best of Edinburgh Showcase Show - £12.50 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 15:00 - Ian Lynam - £11 - Gilded Balloon (Patter Hoose - Snug)
  • 16:25 - Rajiv Karia - £9 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 17:40 - Sarah Keyworth - £11.50 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 19:15 - Shelf - £9 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 20:30 - Tim Key - £14.50 - Pleasance Dome / Courtyard

Aug Fri 26

  • 13:50 - Stewart Lee - £16 - The Stand (New Town Theatre)
  • 16:05 - Glenn Moore - £12.50 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 17:30 - Bilal Zafar - £10 - Underbelly
  • 19:55 - Sean McLoughlin - £9 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 21:25 - Frankie Thompson - £12 - Pleasance Courtyard
  • 22:30 - Ashley Barnhill - £10 - Gilded Balloon (Billard Room)

Went to The List party last night, had lots of snippets of acts. Highlights were Chosen Haram (contemporary ballet) and Kate Butch (Kate Bush drag act)

Fun night, very much got me in the fringe spirit!

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