Edinburgh International Film Festival

Who’s been, who’s going, what’s everyone seen?

I got to Newton on Friday and The Erl-Prince yesterday.

Newton was very very good, more layered and had more to say than I expected from such a simple film - basically about the nature of pragmatism vs. idealism without making one side seem like the winner. Well acted, low-key funny and interesting since it was a topic that basically wouldn’t work if set in any Western country.

The Erl-Prince however didn’t work for me on almost any level. Striking beginning and end but still didn’t enjoy it, far too much heavy, repeated symbolism. Gave me the same feeling as watchin Only God Forgives - the longest hour and a hald of my life and was checking my watch after about 20 minutes.

Go go film fans

Mate I live here but this has completely passed me by… what’s good?

Yeah it’s on everywhere but you don’t see many signs up around town or anything. The programme is pretty big so it’s hard to flip through quickly aha


I’m probably also going to see My Entire High School, Goodbye Berlin, Wakefield, Story of a Girl and maybe some others but its hard to know what to suggest

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Cheers I’ll have a look through that! :slight_smile: