Edinburgh - Quick visit recs for an 18 yr old

I know there are other Edinburgh threads but nevertheless here I am.

So my 18 yr old niece has a quick trip to Edinburgh next week. She is staying at a b&b in Brunstfield and won’t have much free time. No car. It’s her first visit.

So any general tips and recommendations would be great maybe including:

Good vegetarian places to eat
Vintage clothes shops/stalls.
Record shops/stalls esp. 2nd hand
Bar/venue that might have live music or maybe something like poetry on the Wednesday night.

She’s already planning on going to the zoo and botanical gardens.


Right at Bruntsfield there’s Thorne Records (new stuff) and Seeds for the Soul for good veggie/maybe vegan food

Back with more later!

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Thanks for this - that cafe looks great and just near where she is staying. Cheers!

More stuff:

The Botanic Gardens are right by my end of town, and Harmonium is a very good veggie place on the way to/from there

Armstrong’s is a good chain of vintage places in town, think they may be a little overpriced since they are a recognisable “brand” but still lots of interesting things stuffed in there. A few across the city so she may end up close enough to one to be worth checking out

Bannermans often has live music, sometimes folky and sometimes much heavier but still often a pub with music happening

Never been, but heard good things about NovaPizza as a vegan place. Also David Bann is fantastic for though more for sit down meals

Other generally good record stores are Avalanche at Waverly, Voxbox near Stockbridge, Vinyl Villains on Elm Row, Assai near Lothian Road

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And more generally, Modern Art gallery is great, Dean Village is very cute to wander through, Arthur’s Seat is pretty key to at least go look at it not climb up, Portobello is not far away by bus at all if she wants a little (cold) beach trip

Amazing, thanks so much.

She was going to stay in Portobello but decided she wanted to be closer to the centre but I imagine she’ll take a visit if she has time.

Think you have everything covered - she’s going to be well happy. Thanks again.

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Train to etc

I like the National Portrait Gallery a lot and it’s free. Doesn’t look particularly close to where she’s staying but it’s probably on the way to the Botanical Gardens? I think?


did she have a good time @zanimos

Fantastic thanks. Cafe you recommended was a big hit.

She particularly loved this place so I can add this to recommendations for anyone else


somehow still not been there myself in all my years so … will do, soon

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I’m going to be cheeky and co-opt this as the most recent Edinburgh thread.

I’m planning a day trip there next week for my birthday. I think I’ve got all of my activities/shops sorted, but would be interested in any food recommendations. One of my two meals must be pizza, and I’ve got my eye on Pizza Posto having previously tried @pizza and the one with all the Napoli memorabilia in it. my second meal is TBC - burgers maybe? I would also like to find a good bakery.

any suggestions? ideally cheap-to-medium priced and vaguely central but I’m going to be all over the city at some point. no dietary requirements but prefer non-fancy places

Doesn’t get much more central or less fancy than this: https://www.bubbaq.co.uk/

I really enjoyed it when we went recently.

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oof that looks good. may need to disgrace myself in there at some point. cheers!

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We used to have a great place called Bubbacue in Belfast but they very suddenly went into liquidation and shut down a few years ago. gutted

Matto and Razzo are my top 2 pizzas in town

El Perro Negro on top of St James Centre is meant to be an amazing burger, best in uk

Sicilian Bakery on leith walk, Babyfaced Baker further up leith walk, Bearded Baker or Hata slightly north of the centre, all great bakeries

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Save some room for an ice cream from Mary’s Milk Bar


oh man, so much good stuff to eat. my planned trip up Arthur’s Seat is starting to look slightly ambitious now. fortunately I am an excellent eater

thanks all, very much appreciated!

Always got ideas so feel free to come back with more queries. Basement is very good for mexican food and a big range of tequilas also, and our cocktail bar scene is definitely high quality

Edit fixed a very odd typo …

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very kind, cheers. my map is looking very busy and exciting

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