Edinburgh recommendations


Restaurants, bars etc.
Not for me so doesn’t have to be veggie
I haven’t been for a couple of years so not sure.


train to glasgow LOL


Go to Salt Horse and see @witches


There’s a restaurant which I will think of the name of which overlooks the castle and does good food at a decent price.

Quite enjoyed the Dirty Dick’s pub too

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Really unhelpful thread thanks every one


St Andrews Brewing Company on Potterrow is worth a visit if you like crafty beers.

Had a great curry in Vinyasa on St Mary’s Street.


Salt Horse, Hanging Bat, Brauhaus, St Andrews for beer.

Panda & Sons is proper gimmicky (fake “speakeasy”) but does good cocktails.

If you want pizza, Pizzeria 1926 is really excellent.

Henderson’s is still around for veggie stuff.

Oh yeah there’s a Mother India which I presume you’re familiar with?

12 Triangles at the top end of Leith Walk does really good donuts

My gf is way more sociable than me and actually likes food so I can ask for better recommendations for anything specific.

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Another vote for Davidoff Cool Salt Horse, as well as tasty beers they do great burgers and wings too

Vietnam House or Chizuru Tei for Vietnamese/Japanese food near Haymarket

Mouse Trap and Steel Coulson Tap are cool bars in Leith

Bow Bar on Victoria St is a lovely wee whisky bar, probably one of my favourite pubs ever


Edinburgh always seems like a good idea. Bar going through for a gig and coming back to Glasgow straight after, I’m not sure I’ve really had what I could call a really great time there.


Try The Hive next time you’re through, guaranteed a great night out


Bross Bagels does damn fine bagels, if you like bagels.


What about if you don’t?


mine was serious!


Then I’ve made a huge mistake.

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