Edit times

Is there a reason why we can’t edit our posts after a certain time period?
I could understand if it was to prevent someone saying something bad and then covering it up but we can all see the original post if we click the pencil.

I noticed I had worded a recommendation in a music thread clunkily and wanted to change it but had to just reply to myself

I think the time is still that weird compromise between people who loved the old boards thing and people who wanted editing. I did find this old thread about it

Anyway, I don’t really see why it shouldn’t be longer, although what I would say is that once a load of people have seen your post editing it could easily be missed so the reply-to-your-own-post thing is still a good option.

I mean I frequently find myself questioning this if I’m trying to clarify a post I just made in reply to someone and I can see them replying at the same time :smiley: