Editing a live poll

@zeal @megalithicrock and anyone else who can help

Is it possible to change the Neptune poll so that it shows who voted? There are concerns about sock puppet accounts voting and be good to check this

Seems like we can change the poll I back end without losing all the votes

There’d be privacy issues if you could make votes public after the fact, so it won’t be possible now.

It is possible with a SQL query as the link in the post discusses

These problems wouldn’t exist if Discourse made polls public by default, but they’re a bunch of fucking bellends unfortunately


You must be very mistaken if you think I’m clicking a link. Very mistaken indeed.


We’ve never had that option, and considering the privacy side of things that’s mostly a good thing. But if @zeal or @megalithicrock or someone can fix it for this specific instance and maybe keep the option in the backend for other future special cases, then by all means go ahead.


To be clear, is the concern just about new signups voting, or about people voting more than once with new accounts?

Rather than making the poll public straight away I could have a dig into the database tonight to see if there’s multiple voting going on?

Out and about but seem to remember if you try and change it by editing the post it starts the poll again, so don’t do that


Does it really matter if new accounts are voting for this award?


Doesn’t say whether it is possible or not actually on that link

Yep, and based on this, we could change it to avoid this happening again

I’m more concerned about the possibility that some of those who have voted have done so without actually listening to all the albums. I mean can you imagine? SCANDALOUS.

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I hope whoever wins immediately denounces it on moral grounds.


More if someone is creating multiple new accounts and it’s some sort of Belle & Sebastian thing

But the album did well in our album of the year list so I presume it’s just that lots of DiSsers like it

Polls did used to be public by default I thought

I’m not sure there’s any privacy concern in showing which 3 albums people have voted for in a poll or have I missed something with this concern?

Who cares though? Good for them getting organised for something they’re passionste about.

A few users were concerned about it so I wanted to check and set their / my mind at ease about it.

Would be crap if an album wins because one person made 50 accounts.

Reckon it’s Sebastian he’s always been a mischievous little upstart. Belle’s alright known her for years used to speak to her mum when she worked in Greggs hun she would never do that I’ve known her for years not that kind of person hun x


Think it’s not really a concern on the music board, but more if there were more sensitive polls that people voted in on the understanding that they were anonymous, it would be bad if those could just be switched to public afterwards. Can’t think of any examples in particular, but can imagine there are a few in the serious matters board over the years.

I see what you mean. The change I was suggesting was for this specific poll. Which wasn’t presented as being anonymous.

  • don’t anonymous polls say they’re anonymous, so it was advertised as anonymous
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Edit: no, they don’t! Fair enough.

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