What do you think of them? I put on ‘The Back Room’ the other day and i still think it is great.


The Back Room - great
An End Has a Start - drivel
In this Light and on this Evening - great
The Weight of Your Love - schmaltz
In Dreams - great
Violence - not heard

Overwhelmingly shite

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I think they’re great. All the albums are good to great.

Quite liked the first album, was unimpressed with the second. Went to see them live around that time basically just to accompany a mate who had a spare ticket, possibly the dullest gig of my life.

Not bothered investigating any of their other albums.

Saw them once and it was a very WAHEY LADS PROPER COATS audience, which was odd. They were fucking dull too.

Tom once posted on here and someone asked for an example of a disease you do need, which I found funny at the time.


The first album rises above most of the noughties landfill indie, IMHO.

used to love the first album but haven’t listened in years. think i’d reasonably still enjoy most of it though.

second album was Coldplay territory shite.

i remember one song on the 3rd album where they stopped aping Joy Division and started aping New Order instead being an absolute banger but don’t remember the rest of it. might give it another go.

heard the single from the 4th album where they’d now morphed into Echo & The Bunnymen. sounded fairly dull and i read that they’d got rid of the guitarist who was always the most interesting thing about them.

don’t know anything about the last album other than the album cover being quite bad

also don’t know anything about the new one.

funnily enough i bought the debut, my older brother bought the next album and my oldest brother bought the one after that. there must be some kind of symbolism there about a changing audience

this one:

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funnily enough their best song was about blood too

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I’d go with this - thought In Dreams was surprisingly decent off the back of TWoYL.

I like their second album best

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Yeah I liked the first 3 a lot (don’t understand the hate for second one*) but as above the 4th was so drippy I gave up altogether.

*actually that’s something else they have in common with Interpol - people unfeasibly not liking Antics when it’s amazing and easily has their best song on it (Not Even Jail, obv)


The Back Room is still fucking brilliant, especially the first three singles. Second one was utter toilet, haven’t knowingly listened to anything they’ve put out since then but I’m sure some of it’s fine. Might listen to TBR today actually.

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People don’t like Antics?! Yes it is amazing. Could understand people not liking the following albums but that is just odd.

Really like all Editors singles apart from ‘Smokers…’ which was too Elbowish for me and just lost interest in the albums.

think most people like Antics but correctly view it as nowhere near as good as Bright Lights


I was never really a big fan but I caught them at a festival a couple years back and the stuff from this album like Marching Orders sounded great live. I also kind of like how they’re inexplicably massive in Holland and Belgium (all their recent albums have been number 1 there and they headlined Best Kept Secret in 2016)

I saw them a couple of times around the release of the first album. The first time, Tom had some trouble with his guitar partway through a song, got visibly annoyed and wrestled it off and then threw it to the ground while still singing. Gosh, I thought, he’s really into it, what a committed passionate artist. The second time I saw them, would you believe, the same thing happened at the same point in the same song, with the same reaction. What are the odds? He must be very unlucky.


Big fan of Editors.
New greatest hits collection coming, ‘Black Gold’.
And a new track;

BLACK GOLD Tracklisting:
Disc 1

  1. Frankenstein
  2. Papillon
  3. Munich
  4. Sugar
  5. Hallelujah (So low)
  6. An End Has A Start
  7. Upside Down
  8. Ocean Of Night
  9. No Harm
  10. Smokers Outside Hospital Doors
    12.A Ton Of Love
  11. Magazine
  12. The Racing Rats
  13. Black Gold
  14. No Sound But The Wind

Disc 2 (Deluxe Version only)

  1. Violence (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  2. Walk The Fleet Road (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  3. Blood (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  4. Let Your Good Heart Lead You Home (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  5. Smokers Outside The Hospital Door (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  6. Fall (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  7. Two Hearted Spider (Distance: The Acoustic Recordings)
  8. Distance (Distance: The Acoustic Recording