Nothing about Morrissey, obviously, makes any sense. But it’s especially bizarre, and depressing, he’s ramped up the bigotry recently when he has such a diverse and multicultural fanbase. Including on his own doorstep in LA.

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The fact that he has himself emigrated is one of the many maddening things about it. At least his music’s dire now.

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I thought the move to LA might have lifted his spirits and opened his mind but he seems to have spent the last decade locked in his room watching Fox News :frowning:

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Editors are great Love all of their albums. Brilliant live band too.

some surprising guest appearances on his recent covers album too though (including the guy from Grizzly Bear i think?) seems like the reputation he’s developed over here hasn’t really taken hold in the US in the same way

Really od considering how immediate info can be shared today. Can only imagine they recorded their contributions pre his Britain First support being known.
Interpol on the other hand have had ample time to tell him to get lost. He

Though oddly, Moz seems to admire every current dangerous right-wing politician, except Trump. But to paraphrase Barney the Dinosaur, he loves Mexico, they love him, no MAGA hats in Morrissey’s gym.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at this. Though it was Edward from the League of Gentlemen shop.

Was really hoping this had been resurrected because Tom reactivated his account to rant at the haters.

Oh well…

Yay! Managed to get a standing ticket for Manchester on the general sale this morning.