Eeeek advice needed to avoid potential workplace spat!

NB this is probably less interesting than it sounds.
NB I almost certainly won’t be taking your advice.

So a colleague sent an email to an external person in a massive rush before going on holiday last week, cc-d me. I just realised that she’s accidentally included a whole chain of email underneath where various senior managers in our organisation slag off the person she sent it to. This will definitely get back to my senior managers sooner or later.

I like this colleague, so I want to give her a heads up before the shit hits the fan. But she’s also quite defensive and I think feels a little threatened by me - she’s is likely to take this as a criticism I reckon.

Should I just sit back and wait for her to get thrown in the fire? (see NB no.2)

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so what will you be doing then?

No, give her a heads up. It’s the right thing to do and deep down, despite everything, you’re a good person.


It’s sad to think that people who worked before the advent of email missed out on this sort of shenanigans.

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Give her a heads up, so she can take pre-emptive action.

Either that, or start organising a leaving do.

Just quit and avoid the fallout! Simple!


give her a heads up but not till she’s back form holiday. Don’t ruin her hols. What done is done, and she can have a think about damage limitation when she gets back.

As for ‘she feels threatened by you’- be careful how you deliver the message. If you do this fairly and all above board then it might actually help your working relationship). In the meantime however, discuss it with nobody else.


I think you should go tell the senior managers and suggest that maybe they shouldn’t slag people off in email in future as accidents can happen. The (probably) lazy, useless, overpaid, narcissistic bellends.


this is correct. “slagging off” was probably a bit strong though. they were discussing a professional matter but in a frank way that you wouldn’t do to someone’s face.

Fuck her
Let her deal with the shit when she gets back. It’s her fault.

If it comes back to bite you cause you didn’t warn her, just play it dumb like you didn’t read the full email or whatever who cares

apologies for being a liar but I am actually going to take all of this advice.


…except all of us.

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Whilst I agree with the essence of this, I think Smee’s doing the right thing here. We all make mistakes when we’re in a rush and giving her a heads up to ensure she’s better equipped to deal with any potential shitstorm that comes from it is the right thing to do. The fact it’s her fault isn’t in question but this isn’t the sort of thing that is better resolved by her getting jumped on for (potentially) without a bit of prior knowledge.

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I’'d email the person that she emailed and make sure their attention is directed to the slagging off

what’s she got to be defensive about? she fucked up, get over it

just send her the :joy: emoji


that tends to be what people get defensive about

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Who knew there was so much internal politics in the van driving world eh!

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don’t be a total cunner your whole life mate