Eels (Rolling)

Seems like a new album is coming. Hope it’s a bit more upbeat like Wonderful Glorious was

Absolutely loved Wonderful, Glorious. Didn’t like the last one.

Would be very happy if he makes an EOTR appearance again.

just posted this in the 2018 album hype thread :slight_smile:

Weird showing all the old videos. Wonder if it’s a reworking of old stuff album ? or maybe the end of the Eels !

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Yeah the last one (and End Times) was just too one-paced. Much preferred Hombre Lobo/Tomorrow Morning/Wonderful Glorious of his post-Blinking Lights stuff

With another double rainbow? That was a glorious set, it’d been years since I’d seen him.


in my top 5 gigs of all time

I think it was… "a mother f**king double rainbow ! "

…if I remember right


Its mentioned in Q magazine as a new album called the deconstruction. Out April 6th

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they’ve done a couple of best of’s so hopefully not.

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Hombre Lobo is great


A reworking of tracks… added strings? acoustic? that kinda thing?

Completely new album i guess

or that. I’m happy with whatever he wants to throw at us.

Sorry picture didnt load


this thread prompted me to listen through Wonderful, Glorious, Hombre Lobo, and Shootenanny again. Really enjoyed them all tbh

No real ties but Mr E’s Beautiful Blues is one of my most hated songs

So chuffed to see this :slight_smile:

I quite liked the last record - not earth shattering by any stretch, but solid from start to finish and Parallels is a beaut. Can he still sing live?

such a negative boi