Eels (Rolling)

I’m still humming and hawing over whether to get the yellow vinyl + t-shirt or splash out on the big bastard bundle with the pink vinyl, t-shirt, print, pen and Bobby Jr. (RIP) socks.

On a related matter, I picked up “Electro-shock Blues” on (reissued) vinyl today. Sounds utterly gorgeous :slight_smile:

I’ve gone for the yellow vinyl + shirt bundle, and with the money that saved, bought the clear vinyl edition of “Cautionary Tales” too. Oh, and “Sixteen Tons” and “Tremendous Dynamite 2010+2011” on CD 'cos they’re the last two Eels live albums I don’t have. My poor credit card :wink:

bit meh that.

I like it but it does sound very ‘coming to a movie soundtrack soon’.

I love him…but that’s quite yucky…lyrics have me cringing at times and even the tune doesn’t really do it for me.

never heard this before. funny hearing his voice over this kinda aztec camera’ey poppy production

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There’s also another E record which is out of print but you can probably find online somewhere

Manchester Girl got played a bit my Eels when they first started.

(Also he made a weird solo record in the mid 80s but best not talk about that)

manchester girl is great. didn’t know it predates eels. better than the tripe he comes our with now.

Always loved this cover. Prince put through a 90s “alt-rock” filter:


He’s also covered I Could Never Take the Place Of Your Man.

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First run-through of the new album… lacking in those sweet guitar licks he’s so good at, lyrics are often quite yucky, only really 2 songs that stick out, bit of a lost soft-rock middle-of-the-road vibe…

The title track is awesome and not very indicative of the rest.


o man dont say that i’ve got it preordered

Well I dug The Cautionary Tales a lot… and it seems I was against the grain of public opinion on that, so there might be hope for you there.

New album is beautiful. On second listen through.

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I’ve always thought there was a fine line between a good eels album and ones I’ve not enjoyed so much. Like the cautionary tales should have been a perfect album for me on paper and it just didn’t really click at all. I’m a couple of listens into this one and i think it’s very much falling onto the good side of the line. Really like the sound he’s achieved here

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Rusty pipes is wonderful

Gorgeous album.

Interesting to see he’s gotten married, had a kid and separated from his wife since “Cautionary Tales”. “Things The Grandchildren Should Know” might get its intended audience after all…