Eels (Rolling)

I do have a soft spot for Hombre Lobo. It initially sounded a bit throwaway following the big gap after Blinking Lights but it grew on me a lot.

I definitely need to give Shootenanny a listen. It’s a massive blind spot in his discography for me.

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Not a big fan of the cover art. Kind of surprising as the singles , tee shirt all seemed to be the same theme from the same artist, then the album cover is the outlier. Would be cool if the cover reflected the music and this was some kind of new horror/ cramps vibe . But from the singles that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Maybe it’s all inspired by his Saturday Morning B-side Waltz of the Naked Clowns

In other news I’m listening to MC Honky for the first time and I like it

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I do like the new single, better than the previous 2 , that weren’t bad ,just very Eels by the numbers. Hopefully the album is more like Will it be alright again.