Eels (stupid five character limit)


Rusty pipes is wonderful


Gorgeous album.

Interesting to see he’s gotten married, had a kid and separated from his wife since “Cautionary Tales”. “Things The Grandchildren Should Know” might get its intended audience after all…


never heard of this OST he did back around the time of Shootenanny. might check it out


So having ignored the last two albums Pitchfork review the new one just so they can give it 3/10 (Shootenanny, End Times and Tomorrow Morning all got similar scores). Not sure anyone else has got that many scores below 4 on there!


I don’t disagree that it’s “just another Eels album”, it’s just that for me it’s the reason I like it.


quite like the album but actually find it heartwarming to see p4k showing some teeth again


Going after Eels doesn’t exactly scream taking on the sacred cows though


Pitchfork have always hated them though.
I’d have been more shocked if Pitchfork gave them a very good review :rofl:



that synopsis sounds on the button.


Oh wow. Well done classic DiS:


there’s actually a song called ‘you are the shining light?’. ffs just retire


I know, just seems odd that they didn’t review the last two albums at all and did this one just to drag them again.


But enough about Tim Wheeler :rofl:


this is probably fair though


it’s actually hilarious at this stage that they get such such shit reviews on pitchfork.


Old-school Pitchfork rises from the grave to diss Eels again :roll_eyes: I mean, fair enough if the guy doesn’t like E’s thing, but I prefer my music reviews with at least some attempt at objectivity.


Ha! I clicked on that thinking ‘ooh, I wonder what this thread says about Eels’ and realise I had brought them up in the first place :rofl:


‘The Deconstruction’ in at number 10 in the UK Album Charts. This kind of thing gives me all the warm feels about my fellow human beings :slight_smile:


This album was pretty decent, better than the last one. Yes it is very much treading the same ground as before ( some songs almost sound like self plagiarism ) but at this point wth the Eels I don’ t think we will get another big swerve like the old days. The title ‘The Deconstruction’ was a little misleading , as that sounds like a title of an album that was a fresh start. Disappointingly that wasn’t the case, but I’ll take a familiar sounding Eels album with some really stand out songs.


I’m pleasantly surprised with the album. It’s without a doubt my favourite Eels album since Blinking Lights, and has a couple of really good songs on it.